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Critical Practice

Critical Practice is a time-flexible program (between 1 week and the entire project duration) in fostering art writing and critical debate aiming at bridging gaps between audiences and the art form. The emphasis is put on outreach, scientific depth and sustainability of the action. Engaged co organisers shall be entitled to send emerging writers/thinkers from their local scene to a CP session, whereby a repeated participation is encouraged to ensure in-depth education and knowledge transfer in the future. The CP sessions provide for 1-week to 5-year coaching in writing and critical debate by leading professionals of the field. CP sessions feature debates between CP participants and artists and shall ideally feed an online blog for quality dance criticism.

Critical Practice sessions are planned in Amsterdam, Belgrade, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Skopje and Zagreb throughout the entire period of the Life Long Burning project by the respective network partners.

Critical Practice editions

All Critical Practice editions are available in the Archive >>here. 


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