Critical Practice - Made in Yugoslavia

A programme oriented toward empowering discursive reflections on contemporary performing arts and their breakthrough to the larger public

Organised and realized through the LLB partners Station, Lokomotiva, Tala Dance Center, workspacebrussels and Het Veem Theater, together with further associated partners.


This Critical Practice edition draws on the on conceptual performing arts platforms that have been recently developed at the geo-politically non-existing territory of Yugoslavia, such as those generated by TkH [Walking Theory], Nomad Dance Academy, Maska, Frakcija etc. It consists of three one-year non-residential programme cycles focused on the education and practical work of participants. Its purpose is to advance the professional development of authors from the region of former Yugoslavia and elsewhere, and to encourage a more profound, more visible and more accessible critical reflection on the contemporary performing arts, enhancing their visibility and stimulating dialogue with audiences. Its concrete outcomes will be articles, essays, reviews and other formats of critical writing published online or in diverse publications, as well as live discussions, interviews and talks with dance and performance makers.


The cycles have a modular structure, combining seminars, workshops and practical engagement at certain events (festivals, conferences, exhibitions, etc.) as group work structures, with the continual individual or collective work of participants.


The first programme cycle starts in April 2014 and ends in April 2015.
Within this cycle, four gatherings in different European cities are organised.


The second programme cycle starts in April 2015 and ends in April 2016.
Within this cycle, four mandatory gatherings in different European cities are organised:

· mid-April 2015, Belgrade (cultural centre Magacin in Kraljevića Marka)
· mid to late October 2015, Belgrade (Kondenz – Performing Arts Festival)
· the end of October 2015, Skopje (Locomotion – Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance)
· early December 2015, Amsterdam (Het Veem Thaater).


The third programme cycle starts in April 2016 and ends in April 2017.
Within this cycle, four mandatory gatherings in different European cities will be organised:

· Beginning of May 2016, Skopje (Lokomotiva- Centre for New Initiatives in Arts   and Culture)

· End of August 2016, Berlin (Uferstudios)

· 22-25 October 2016, Belgrade (Kondenz - Festival of contemporary dance and performance / Station Service for contemporary dance)

·25-30 October 2016, Skopje (Locomotion - Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance, Lokomotiva)

Furthermore, there are occasional Skype conferences, regular email communication and work on the program’s blog, as well as the possibility of self-organised work and further gatherings.


This Critical Practice edition offers a small-scale educational, research and working studio based on self-organisation and group interaction, whose disciplinary framework is predicated on issues and questions coming from critical theory, artistic practice and cultural policy. Against this backdrop, our program is envisaged to produce a vivid transversal discussion within and about the performing arts – among the participants as well as in public.
The third programme cycle of Critical Practice_Made in Yu (2016) is realized in cooperation with the Allianz Cultural Foundation.


The third cycle is closed with a compendium about this edition and the theme of "Curating", called "Always conceptualize"