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    Teaching The Teachers 2011

    Shelley Senter, Alice Chauchat, Isabelle Schad, Philippe Riera, Janet Panetta, Jennifer Lacey©DomenicoGiustino

danceWEB Mentorship collective 2015

artistic mentors of danceWEB 2015: Jennifer Lacey & Alice Chauchat & teachback! 
with Alix Eynaudi, Anne Juren, Keith Hennessy, Mark Lorimer, Mårten Spångberg, Philippe Riéra, Raimundas Malašauskas and Valentina Desideri 

Dear Potential Webbers,

This year, in celebration of 20 years of dance web [20th edition of the Scholarship Programme, editor's note] we present you with…. a situation. Instead of one or two artists as the dance web coach there will be 10, united in a project called Teachback!

Teach back and TTT (its first incarnation) has been running now for 7 years. It is a forum for artists who teach to experiment new forms of transmission and communication. Every year it was very different, very lively, very rich and produced almost nothing concrete! Its "production" happened later in the classes, lives, communities and work of each member after the fact. We would like to continue this process with you, with the anticipation that two groups meeting and unfolding alongside eachother will produce an environment that is still to be understood and therefor an adventure. 

We understand the role of the dance web coach as that of a facilitator, opening a culture and a potential method of communication or functioning amongst the webbers. This year a situation, rather than one or two artists, will take on that role. The situation is Teachback!, an environment of exchange and activity that is invested in finding a satisfying experience; in doubting, strengthening and undermining,  and which offers itself as the reference point that you can always come to. We will be in the arsenal doing our project and the doors are open to you at any moment. We will also be at the theaters, in bars, in the lounge, on the street and will make sure to meet you in as many places as possible.

Teachback! this year will be a situation of working that you can join or watch or question. With so many artists involved, you will surely find a point that feels pertinent to you – people, a situation, a way of experimenting, a type of relationship, some circulating questions that resonate with your own, an oracle you may consult or a space you can fill with your own agenda.

Teachback!, formely known as Teach Back and, before that, as TTT, is a project initiated by Jennifer Lacey and Rio Rutzinger via danceWEB in 2008. In 2013, Alice Chauchat joined Jennifer in hosting the project, and each year about 8 other artists have joined in its breeding. In 2014 the group: Alix Eynaudi, Anne Juren, Keith Hennessy, Mark Lorimer, Mårten Spångberg, Philippe Riéra, Raimundas Malašauskas and Valentina Desideri (along with Alice and Jennifer), was so stunned by their ability to be together that they decided to continue. In a moment of inspiration induced by harmonious group dynamics, Alice declaimed, "This project should be the web coach!".  And so it shall be. On an anecdotal note: The project TTT/Teachback! was conceived during an Impulstanz party. Jennifer (maybe a bit drunk) said: "the teachers need a DanceWeb too! We are still learning!. And so we are. 

You are welcome to consult ("TEACHBACK") to know more about the Situation.

Best wishes and luck to all,

Alice and Jennifer


A small precision:
because we are 10, because we all have many jobs, because there is a thing called money and because it is early days, we are not sure how many of us will be there for the whole 5 weeks. There will for certain be one week with all 10 and the other weeks we are working towards a minimum of 6 at a time, shifting and rotating around. Once we know the schedule we will let you know too!