Co-production "Choreoeroticon" by Ana Dubljević, Darja Janošević, Marko Milić

Co-production "Choreoeroticon" by Ana Dubljević, Darja Janošević, Marko Milić

The dance most common in contemporary pop culture stresses the eroticism of the body, offers it as an imperative companion of pleasure and of (self)worth. In fertility rites the dance was part of ceremonial and spiritual practices, where the sexual act or reproductive processes were (symbolically) represented. As well in fertility rites and in pop culture such representation in this specific context is adopted and encouraged by the group, whereas in ordinary circumstances it remains in the private. 

Choreoeroticon tackles the question: How could the contemporary need for eroticism be interpreted through a dancing performance and how could it be used for the purpose of improving the society and not solely for its momentary satisfaction? 

Ana Dubljević, Darja Janošević, Marko Milić
Music: Darja Janošević
Artistic collaboration : Aleksandra Jones
Visual material: Bojan Đorđević
Production: Ksenija Đurović

Thankyouthankyou: Predrag Mladenović, Džonson, Isidora Stanišić, KC REX, Ivana Ašković, Bidadari - Indonesian dance studio, Andreja Široki, Marijana Cvetković, Nemanja Calić

Production: Station Service for contemporary dance

Support: Nomad Dance Academy, #LifeLongBurning, Ministry of Culture and Information RS, Culture Programme 2007-2013 


29.12.16 - 29.12.16

Klub PETAK Belgrade (RS)



25.10.16 - 25.10.16

Kondenz Festival 2016, Belgrade (RS)


PREMIERE Co-production

16.02.16 - 16.02.16

Club "PETAK", Lomina 14, Belgrade (RS)

supported/organized by Station