Co-production Elena Copuzeanu "Butterfly Effect"

Co-production Elena Copuzeanu "Butterfly Effect"

In Butterfly effect, I decided to bring personal autobiographical elements to the stage, but to hide them among the equally personal elements of my friends who have agreed to donate their stories to this show. The events that change our paths of life become a common property (good for the whole community) almost without realizing. We participate indirectly but no less decisively in the transformation of the destiny of those next to us. We modify and remodel the interior or exterior relief according to the presence, energy and posture of our bodies. Together we become structure, material and relief (ground surface configuration) that is constantly changing. Together we are both storytellers and counterfeiters of our own destiny.

Graduating from the Bucharest Art Academy, Fine Art Major, Elena Copuzeanu proved to be a right choice for achieving a Master degree in Multimedia and Conceptual Art – Maastricht, under the supervision of Lawrence Weiner, accredited artist/art professor.
Out of all the areas of performing arts, which got to be explored through various workshops, Elena focused and prioritized the Dance experience and the definition of a personal choreographic language. In her last projects, the spectator is confronted with the bringing into the scene of her brutal, frustrating autobiographical elements. She is quizzing (interrogating)  the convention that separates the personal space from the stage and / or the public space. She involves witnesses in the artistic act, and they become an active part of the performances.
Other forms of artistry for Elena Copuzeanu’s imagination outlet are intertwined with fashion and mural art. Examples of hand-painted textiles – garments or tapestries – can be found in personal collections in Bucharest and New York; murals can be seen in private space in Brussels and art-works in the form of paintings are present in the Contemporary Art National Museum in Bucharest and private collections in New York.

Concept, text, choreography: Elena Copuzeanu
With autobiographical texts by Ion Bogdan Dumitrescu, Tudor Cotiga, Angela Graur et al.
Production: eXplore festival, 4Culture Association & WASP Studios    

Co-production Elena Copuzeanu

15.11.17 - 15.11.17

WASP Working Art Space and Production, Bucharest (RO)


PREMIERE Co-production Elena Copuzeanu

13.10.17 - 13.10.17

The National Theatre Bucharest, eXplore festival #12

supported/organized by 4Culture