Co-production "Line Up" by Lee Meir

Co-production "Line Up" by Lee Meir

Dancing with Philosophy and New Music

Performance, Choreography & Concept: Lee Méir
Philosophic Dialogue & Input: Marcus Steinweg
Musical Dialogue, Construction & Sound: Moritz Gagern
Dramaturgical Assistance: Julia Rodríguez
Voice Training: André Lewski
Light: Gretchen Blegen
Production: Annett Hardegen- Vierte Welt
German Premiere in Uferstudios Berlin, Israeli Premiere in Diver Festival 2018.


The solo „Line Up“, is an endeavour into the physicality of chaos and organisation through movement, speech and sound. Rather than working with the binary of these two concepts, „Line Up“ explores the risky area in which they intertwine. In „Line Up“ philosophy and music are embodied through dance: Together with the philosopher Marcus Steinweg, Méir will explore his concept of Überstürztes Denken, through engaging in a physical-philosophical investigation of the strive towards organisation of elements which in their nature are chaotic. Together with the composer Moritz Gagern, Méir will construct an instrumental landscape which will be played through the movement of her body on stage, exploring chaos and organisation as musical and choreographic elements. This performance invites the viewer to experience in various ways the intensity of the action of putting things in place & time: The single body on stage acts as an agent of the activation of movement in space, whether it is actual body movement, imagined movement, or the movement of sound and language. Demanding from herself precision of intention and action, the solo performer brings herself to a state of urgency and emergency, throwing herself into the experience of control and the continuous loss of it. „Line Up“ opens up physical and compositional questions, as well as questions of philosophy and body politics.


01.06.18 - 30.06.18

Uferstudios Berlin (DE)

supported/organized by Uferstudios