Co-production "MAKE IT MAKE IT- DON’T FAKE IT!" by Dragičević, Matković & Smiljanić

Co-production "MAKE IT MAKE IT- DON’T FAKE IT!" by Dragičević, Matković & Smiljanić

“Why castigate these creatures

"Whose angelic features
Are bumping and grinding on trash?
Are they not spawned by our greed? Are they not our true seed? 
Are they not what we’ve bought for our cash?”
poem from the film Trash Humpers (2009)

MAKE IT MAKE IT- DON’T FAKE IT! is a scripted performance in which the audience is set out to experience a disturbing array of identity production through the use of object, body, space and text. It activates a variety of theoretical and artistic approaches that are dealing with our increasingly toxic political, ethical and cultural environment. In search of alternative techniques of the self in a post-democratic society, Dragičević, Matković and Smiljanić are connecting, sharing and imagining the fabric of “togetherness” within a speculative dystopian setting.
The black-satire Trash Humpers , a movie by Harmony Korine, featuring a group of elderly, violent sociopaths, served as a point of departure for their collaborative research practice regarding trash (-ing) and vandalism as modes of expressions. Under these terms they investigated the productive potential of misbehaving and destroying. 
Rather than pointing fingers, fighting and regulating chaos, they’ve entangled and immersed themselves into those states of consciousness. Furthermore, they used these processes as instruments of reordering, changing and reflection.
How can we develop a sense of identity by setting up discrete relations between object, body, space and text? Based on these questions, they deploy practices and methods, which critically explore trans-individual identity production and its plasticity through social context and current political circumstances.

Concept & Performance: Darko Dragičević, Esta Matković, Vanja Smiljanić 
Dramaturgy: Jasmina Založnik 
Choreographic consultant: Martin Sonderkamp 
Coproduction: Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture and Nomad Dance Academy in frame of Life Long Burning Project 
Supported by: Culture programme of the European Commission, Quartier am Hafen (Cologne), JSKD – Public fund of Republic of Slovenia for cultural activities and STATION Service for contemporary dance Belgrade


03.03.18 - 03.03.18

Kino Kultura, Skopje (MK)

supported/organized by Lokomotiva