Co-production "MODUL 6 - swarming the event horizon" by Rasmus Ölme (SE)

Co-production "MODUL 6 - swarming the event horizon" by Rasmus Ölme (SE)

Modul 6 - Swarming the event horizon

by Rasmus Ölme (SE)


What is the modern image of the relationship between dance technique and choreography, and how do we move through the process and result of choreographic work?


"The work springs from, and turns around, concepts like spectating, becoming-animal, pre-linguistic thought, composition as meaning production, kinaesthetic presence, time sculpture and deconstruction of representation through the three terms of mirroring, reflection and diffraction.

" (Rasmus Olme)



MODUL 6 is the name for the practical research series developed by the Swedish choreographer and dancer Rasmus Olme as part of his PhD at the DOCH University of Dance in Stockholm.

For MODUL 6 Rasmus Ölme works together with Linda Adami, Ulrika Berg, Dan Johansson and Tilman O´Donnell as well as with the dance collective ME-SA (Karolína Hejnová, Andrea Opavská and Martina Hajdyla Lacová) from Prague.



Try Out:

14 and 15 September 2013 at Hellerau Dresden






19.05.14 - 19.05.14

DOCH - University of Dance and Circus Stockholm


PREMIERE Co-production

06.12.13 - 07.12.13

Prague / Czech Republic

supported/organized by Cullberg Ballet