CO-PRODUCTION Residency "I Put A Spell On You" by Ehsan Hemat

CO-PRODUCTION Residency "I Put A Spell On You" by Ehsan Hemat

In the frame of the residency, Ehsan Hemat is working on his latest production "I Put A Spell On You":

I PUT A SPELL ON YOU is a performance about external inhibitions that juxtaposes the notion of one's own self with totalitarian authority. Three individuals are stuck in a space where the presence of a highest observer is inevitable. Their fragile bodies have lost all notion of privacy, and are in a constant state of self-discipline. Although they cannot have contact or say what they want, together they seek a solution to the situation.

Ehsan Hemat (Iran, 1980) started his career as an actor in Shiraz/Iran, but soon turned his attention to dance developments outside Iran. He performed in William Forsythe's Human Writes during Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2007 and since then he has been operating both in Belgium and in his homeland Iran. I PUT A SPELL ON YOU is his first experience as a maker.

choreography: Ehsan Hemat – performance: Gilles Polet, Mostafa Shabkhan, Yumi Osanai – artistic assistance: Gilles Polet - sound: Roeland Luyten – scenography and light: Helmut Van den Meersschaut, Ehsan Hemat – drone-operator: Ugo Dehaes – costume: Sowrong studio – text: Yasen Vasilev – video: Maarten Van Vooren – production management: Isabelle Vander Stockt – production: 2nd to the right vzw – developed in Co-laBo – with the support of: Vlaamse Gemeenschap, d e t h e a t e r m a k e r, workspacebrussels/ Life Long Burning (Culture Programme of the EU), WIPCOOP/MAP – special thanks to: Invisible Center for Contemporary Dance (ICCD-Tehran)/Mohammad Abassi




12.03.18 - 22.03.18

Rosas Studio Brussels (BE)

supported/organized by workspacebrussels