Co-production "/S ITE S\" by Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea (NL/CL)

Co-production "/S ITE S\" by Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea (NL/CL)

"/S ITE S\ is a visual performance, a mind-site. It began with the necessity of initiating an excavation onsite. Through means of concrete sound, as the main excavator work-force, the unearthing acquired a metaphorical power: How to practice Virtual Archaeology by inaugurating an excavation site: a denudation, a visual descent...The role of the audience in /S ITE S\ is as active one as the role the Archaeologist plays within the Archaeological site.

...being the main aim of /S ITE S\ to produce data; and that of, the out-coming data, to be sensed...Considering the ‘descent’ as a time-based journey through different physical and cultural layers, I’d like to materialize those different layers or substrata at a qualitative level, as sound based substances. The sound possess the material excavator power to pierce through living and inanimate bodies, moreover, it is able to pervade any space, submerging anything and everything that stands along its reach...the concrete matter to be dealt with within the worksite /SITE S\ belongs to the sound-wave nature, audible and non-audible."






05.08.14 - 08.08.14

Theater Aan Zee, Ostende / BE


PREMIERE co-production

05.02.14 - 09.02.14

Het Veem Theater Amsterdam / NL

supported/organized by Het Veem Theater