Co-production "transformers #1 (mom & me)" aka "five hundred thousand years of movement” by Karin Pauer

Co-production "transformers #1 (mom & me)" aka "five hundred thousand years of movement” by Karin Pauer

transformers #1

Karin Pauer presents the first part of her performance series called transformers.

Investigating evolution, change and transformation, she is using the sculptural and organic body to create a conceptual space for hosting transformation.

In an attempt to locate her self and her body on a cosmic scale she proposes to focus on the potentiality of the now.

transformers is the starting point for an experiment which appeals to the flexibility of the mind and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and surroundings.

The person i am now is as transient, as fleeting and as temporary as all the people, i have ever been and as all the life-forms that preceeded me and which will follow.

transformers is a practice of change,
is a constant search of the next form,
is an attempt at becoming the being one was always meant to be.
is a scultpural, organic dance set against the backdrop of eternity.
is five hundred thousand years of movement.

Supportet by Nadalokal and Liquid Loft

Karin Pauer is an austrian dancer and choreographer. She received her BA in Choreography at the ArtEZ – Insitute of Arts in Arnhem/ The Netherlands.

She has collaborated in various international settings with choreographers, theatre directors, film makers and visual artists such as Davis Freeman/ Random Scream, Yun Jung Kim, Marcus Grolle, Mike O’Connor, Simone Truong, Maureen Kägi and Veronika Franz.

Since 2015 she is continuously working with the austrian dance company Liquid Loft/ Chris Haring,

Her own works have been presented at the Leopold Museum/ Vienna, at Festspielhaus St.Pölten, ImFlieger/ Vienna, Nadalokal/ Vienna and the ükler kuklar festival/ Istanbul amongst others.

She was a recipient of the danceWEB scholarship in 2009 and the TURBO Residency in 2012, both at ImPulsTanz/ Vienna. 


13.04.18 - 13.04.18

Liquid Loft Studios Vienna (AT)


PREMIERE Co-production

01.03.18 - 01.03.18

Nadalokal, Vienna (AT)

supported/organized by Danceweb