Critical Practice Amsterdam

Critical Practice Amsterdam

The LABO Prix Jardin d’Europe edition hosted by Het Veem Theater included, amongst other activities, a

Critical Practice edition (check the above mentioned report on the Labo Prix Jardin d’Europe 2017 edition for detailed information on the program).
During the whole festival there was a part of the program that the critic was present.

There was a group of young and upcoming Theatre critics, that besides the young artist that perform at Bâtard Festival, got the chance to get together and talk about and find new ways of critiquing work and being together for a longer period of time beside the actual performances. They created blogs, podcasts and presence during this edition of the festival.


About the critic

The critic wil de kunstkritiek bevrijden.

The critic wil anders recenseren.

The critic wil dat het leuk mag zijn.

The critic onderzoekt nieuwe vormen.

The critic wil met je moeder naar het theater.

The critic drinkt koffie met Marijn.

The critic analyseert alles helemaal kapot.

The critic schrijft vage introtekstjes in een uitgemolken format.

The critic houdt van metacommunicatie.

The critic doet een Abramovic.
The critic is present.

The critic is present = a multi voiced platform that explores possible ways of critical thinking on the internet. The critic is present on Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Sometimes the critic is offline. We think, do, activate, test, relate to/about modes of reflection.

Current critics present: Milou Brockhus, Anne van de Wetering, Ashley Boom, Jeroen van Wijhe

Past present guest critics: Luc de Groene, Teun Wolters.

08.11.17 - 12.11.17

Amsterdam | NL

supported/organized by Het Veem Theater