Critical Practice Berlin "A Collective Investigation"

Critical Practice Berlin "A Collective Investigation"

Core working group of artists and lecturers: Susanne Truckenbrodt, Daniel Almgren-Recen, Joseph Patricio, Juli Reinartz, Diego Agulló, Jeremy Wade, Uri Turkenich, Sonja Heller, Sasha Amaya, Simone Mousset.

For this edition of Critical Practice, Uferstudios takes on the task to investigate into the question of artistic research. Imbedded into the “Month of Research”, launched by Uferstudios and its partners, they investigate terms, practices and possibilities of reflecting collective artistic research, by observing and questioning both processes, problems and synergies of self-organization as well as critically reflecting bodily and choreographic practice as research means for various topics (i.e. Research in Performance, Investigating New Events of Improvisation, Sharing and Shaping Time, Intra-Activity, etc.).

Critical Practice is thus understood as a meta-research on the “Month of Research” itself, offering inputs and tools of reflection, analysis and exchange and experimenting with formats of verbalization, writing and depicting as modes of critical reflection and documentation of collective research processes and findings. In writing sessions and analytical interventions, they investigate which means and tools actually fit such an ephemeral and uncertain state of bodily experimentation.


The “Month of Research” follows the idea of gathering, sharing, openness and enquiry and offers the opportunity to experience the joy and the challenge of collective research. The 17 research inquiries are already structurally conceived as collective research. Structure and workflow of the researches are to be elaborated in self-organization by the participating research groups.

14.08.17 - 10.09.17

Uferstudios Berlin (DE)

supported/organized by Uferstudios