Critical Practice Budapest 2018

Critical Practice Budapest 2018

Performance Practices workshop by Eszter Salamon in Budapest
The aim of the program is to involve the various actors in the field, in order to discover the new, more conscious paths of critical thinking and inclusion in the art of thinking. We invited Eszter Salamon (who lives in France and Germany), world famous choreographer and performer to keep a workshop on complex, theoretical, critical and practical parts in Budapest under the title Performance Practices. There were two separated workshops but as well these were built on each other from 18-22 of June 18-22 and 25-29 June 2018.
Participation on both workshops were free.

For the first week (Practice of Embodiement: "Embodiment of the beyond the grave"), we were invited dancers, artists and performers with dance skills. Finally, 16 participants came and worked between 10th and 17th of June in the studio of Jurányi Production Community Incubator House. The intensive research of the work was to search for the possibilities of body and facial expressions, using the grotesque and absurd concepts and by playing with them. Participants were given the task of loosening the boundaries between the present and the past, the historical and contemporary distances: to create an intercorporal, intertemporal theater (for the death and the life).

The second week of the workshop (with the title of Bodies' Alliance) took place in Trafó House of Contemporary Arts with 13 participants. The research of the workshop was related to create a (video) film. The film is visionary of a sensual, poetic, selfless utopia created by an alliance between bodies. The participants day after day began experimenting with figures and situations, costumes, make-up, touching, singing, light and sound from a variety of performing arts experiences trying to build a ritual environment. The work was taken on a video, using movie tools and settings.

18.06.18 - 29.06.18

Budapest (HU)

supported/organized by Workshop Foundation