danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2014

danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2014

The danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2014 takes place from July 16 - August 20, 2014 in the frame of ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival unter the mentorship of Austrian choreographer Chris Haring, who was a scholarship recipient in 1997 himself, and French choreographer David Wampach >>more

Applications were only accepted through the online application tool until December 13, 2013, noon CET. 

danceWEB Scholarship recipients 2014

ARGENTINA / ITALY - Barbara Hang
AUSTRALIA - Natalie Abott / Renae Shadler
AUSTRIA - Sara Lanner / Katharina Greimel / Mirjam Soegner
AUSTRIA / GERMANY - Barbara (Barbis) Ruder
BELGIUM - Quintijn Ketels / Alexander Vantournhout
BRAZIL - Carolina Mendonça
BULGARIA - Sasha Krastarska
CANADA - Ellen Furey / Gerard Reyes
CAMEROON - Gladys Yvonne Tchuimo
CHINA - Yang Hao
COLOMBIA - Catalina Insignares
CROATIA - Martina Granić / Ivana Pavlović
DENMARK - Lærke Grøntved
DENMARK / HUNGARY - Márk Mészáros
EGYPT - Dalia El Abd
ESTONIA - Maria Metsalu
FRANCE - Anna Gaïotti / Lea Kieffer
GERMANY - Moritz Frischkorn / Benjamin Pohlig
GERMANY / ISRAEL - Maayan Danoch
GERMANY / MEXICO - Julia Rodríguez
GREECE - Stella Dimitrakopoulou
HUNGARY / BARBADOS - Valencia James
IRAN - Azadeh Behmanesh
IRELAND - Clare Daly
ISRAEL - Lee Meir
LITHUANIA - Austėja Vilkaitytė
MACEDONIA - Viktorija Ilioska
MEXICO - Miguel Angel Guzman
NETHERLANDS - Merel Severs
NORWAY/ CZECH REP. - Nela Hustak Kornetová
POLAND - Ramona Nagabczyńska
PORTUGAL - Clara Amaral / Ana Rita Teodoro
ROMANIA - Larisa Crunţeanu / Simona Deaconescu / Judith State
SERBIA - Jelena Alempijević
SPAIN - Marina Colomina Martínez
Spain / Chile - Lautaro Reyes Sáez
SWEDEN - Sanna Blennow / Lisa Raeder / Ellen Söderhult
SWITZERLAND - Manuel Scheiwiller
TAIWAN - Cheng-Fang Wu
TANZANIA - Isack Peter Abeneko
THAILAND - Navinda Vadtanakovint
TURKEY - Idil Kemer / Ufuk Senel
UGANDA - Jonas Byaruhanga
URUGUAY - Mariana Marchesano
USA - Lauren Bakst / Mickey Mahar

View their CVs and reports about their danceWEB experiences >>here

View the experience reports from the danceWEB mentors 2014 Chris Haring and David Wampach in the right column.

Report danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2014

The danceWEB Scholarship Programme is a further training program in Contemporary Dance and Performance that has welcomed around 900 artists from all over the world since its foundation in 1996.
            The team of danceWEB received 1055 applications from 74 countries for the danceWEB Scholarship edition 2014. After the evaluation and selection process by the Artistic Committee of danceWEB and the final selection process by this year’s mentor of the program, the Austrian choreographer and scholarship recipient 1997 Chris Haring, a total of 62 artist from 41 countries were selected for a participation in danceWEB 2014. Chris Haring chose the French choreographer David Wampach to join the mentoring team for the dancers and choreographers that participated in danceWEB 2014 from July 16 to August 20 in the frame of the ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival.
During these 5 weeks, the scholarship holders had the possibility to chose from an extensive offer of 230 workshops and 13 research projects and 40 dance and performance productions, offered by ImPulsTanz, to design their individual schedule according to their artistic needs.
During the first days of the program, the danceWEB mentors Chris Haring and David Wampach worked intensively with the participants. Next to group building activities they invited further artists for talks with the scholarship holders to provide them with a wide artistic spectrum within ImPulsTanz and beyond. They had the possibility to discuss with the French choreographer Alain Platel, who opened the ImPulsTanz festival 2014 with his company les ballets C de la B and the piece “Tauberbach”, the Argentinian/French choreographic duo Cecilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud (both scholarship holders 2008), as well as the Austrian artists Erwin Wurm and Jakob Lena Knebl. Two group meetings that happened on two evenings during the program were used to present excerpts of artistic works by the scholarship holders. This resulted in 5-10 minutes live performances, video screenings and lectures. These so called “Salons” took place in the Viennese theatre Garage X that was also available for the scholarship holders at any time during the program and should serve as place of retreat and silence, of concentration and work. Additionally the two mentors gave workshops that were open to all participants of the ImPulsTanz workshop festival but that were mostly booked by the scholarship holders who wanted to gain more insight into their artistic practices. David Wampach concentrated on the research about the dancer-performer and his boundaries and Chris Haring focused, together with his collaborator Andreas Berger, on the differences and little details of repeated motion-miniatures. Further insight in the mentor’s artistic work could be gained by attending their performances. David Wampach showed once again in his solo TOUR his mastering of the “deep breathing” technique and Chris Haring created, together with his company Liquid Loft, two performance evenings, “Talking Heads” and “Deep Dish” that happened in string entanglement with audio-visual art and techniques that broadened the senses and perception of the audience. The latter performance was the grand finale of this year’s danceWEB gala that happened on August 6 in the Rote Bar of the Viennese Volkstheater. This get-together evening honours the scholarship recipients and expresses thanks to its supporters and friends by inviting them to this evening of encounters. Amongst the attendees were representatives from embassies (e.g. cultural attaches of Argentina, Columbia, Egypt and Romania), representatives of supporters (e.g. Ernst Woller from the City of Vienna) and colleagues and artists, such as the renowned British choreographer Lloyd Newson. The danceWEB participants received a poster with portrait photos of all scholarship holders and the mentors. This year, the danceWEB poster came with a special small extra: Marlon Barrios Solano, who led the Meta_media lab during ImPulsTanz, created an Augmented Reality intervention for it. By using a special app, the so-called dancetechTVAR app, one can discover a digital overlay created with the videos the danceWEBbers shot during their stay in Vienna. By pointing the app over one portrait, it immediately triggers the video shot by this scholarship recipient.
            Already during the last days of the program the focus laid very much on discussions about possible future encounters and collaborations amongst this year’s scholarship holders. Task forces and a blog for further sharing and communication were already created. The networking amongst the danceWEB group but also with further artists present at ImPulsTanz is one remarkably important side effect of a participation in the Scholarship Programme and long-lasting, successfully projects already generated out of it. The team of danceWEB is curiously looking forward to learn more about the fruits of the this year’s edition in the future.

“In many ways, DanceWEB was a beginning of something – for me it is a very particular context out of reality. It is a small world, crazy, intense, funny, challenging, emotional and unique.” Lea Vettiger Moro (DE/CH) 

16.07.14 - 20.08.14

Vienna / AT

supported/organized by Danceweb