danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2016

danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2016

The danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2016 took place from 13th July to 17th August in the frame of ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival and welcomed 65 dance and visual artists from 30 European and non-European countries. The final selection took place by the mentor of the program 2016, the internationally acclaimed choreographer, dancer and visual artist Tino Sehgal (DE/UK), who accompanied the scholarship recipients throughout the 5 weeks of the program, together with his collaborator Louise Höjer (DE/SE). The artistic accompaniment included some very intensive first days where Tino Sehgal introduced his works “yet, untitled”, “kiss” and “Instead of Allowing Some Thing to Rise Up to Your Face Dancing Bruce and Dan and Other Things” to them. 19 scholarship participants had the chance to present these works in the Viennese Leopold Museum daily from July 20th to August 14th. He emphasized further on the use of non-theatrical spaces. The three danceWEB Salons, group gatherings with the danceWEB participants, were used for sharing and showing each other work processes and therefore took place in the canteen and courtyard of the accommodation of the scholarship recipients, a Viennese boarding school. During the last days, an open public space next to the Viennese Danube was used for sharing work as well. Tino Sehgal expanded the integration of visual arts and dance to the workshop festival of ImPulsTanz and invited around 50 visual artists to pair up with dance artists to give workshops. Under the theme “visual arts X dance” reputed representatives of the visual arts field like Thomas Oberender, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Tom Stromberg and Klaus Biesenbach, the chief curator of MoMa New York, could be witnessed in this year’s diverse workshop and research project festival of ImPulsTanz.
                  The danceWEB Scholarship Programme offers its participants a free choice in the selection of workshops and research projects they want to participate in and of the performances they want to attend. Each participant can follow his/her individually designed schedule, based on his/her artistic interests and needs. Europe’s biggest festival for contemporary dance and performance, ImPulsTanz, provides a unique offer and platform regarding this matter. With all the international artists and guests present during the summer, ImPulsTanz further nurtures the networking and exchange amongst its attendees. An evening of gathering and exchange marked also the danceWEB reception on 1st August, a gala evening to which friends, colleagues and supporters of the Scholarship Programme were invited, as well as representatives of embassies in Vienna. As such, danceWEB could welcome the Ambassador of Belgium, H.E. Willem Van de Voorde, at this event.
The evening concluded with the attendance of the performance “Dawn” by P.A.R.T.S. (BE), choreography by Mårten Spångberg, in the Viennese Odeon Theatre.
                  Another of the many ImPulsTanz events stood out in relation to the danceWEB program 2016: the dance contest “The Music and Me” that took place on 30th July in the Viennese Arsenal, hosted by “Storm” Niels Robitzky. The Mexican danceWEB participant Oswaldo Gomez concluded the contest as third place.
Already during the last weeks of the program, the scholarship participants were in intensive discussions and idea finding processes how a collaboration amongst them could be expanded once the program is finished. It was decided to set up a meeting in Paris in autumn 2016, where some of the participants are going to work with Tino Sehgal. Simultaneously a meeting will be held in New York and skype conferences organized with the group in Paris.


danceWEB Scholarship recipients 2016
ARGENTINA: Nicolas Roses Ponce | AUSTRALIA: Alice Heyward, Bhenji Ra, Ivey Wawn | AUSTRIA: Inge Gappmaier, Katharina Hölzl, Jessyca R. Hauser, Olivia Schellander | BELGIUM: Laura Eva Meuris | BELGIUM/GREECE: Nassia (Athanasia) Fourtouni |BELGIUM/LITHUANIA: Irina Lavrinovic | BRAZIL: Eduardo Fukushima, Rubens Martins, Julia Rocha, Iaci Lomonaco | CANADA/JAPAN: Naoto Hieda | DENMARK: Casper-Malte Augusta Jørgensen | FRANCE: Lynda Rahal, Cécile Tonizzo | GERMANY: Florian Lenz, Reza Mirabi | GERMANY/AUSTRALIA: Chris Scherer, Alistair Watts | GERMANY/ISRAEL: Roni Katz | GERMANY/FRANCE: Clara Reiner | GERMANY/PORTUGAL: Pedro Henrique dos Santos Risse | GERMANY/SLOVAKIA: Zuzana Zabkova | GERMANY/SPAIN: Rocio Marano Miguez | GERMANY/UNITED STATES: Justin Kennedy, Louise Trueheart | IRAN: Sina Saberi | ISRAEL: Yankalle Filtser, Mor Gur-Arie, Laura Kirshenbaum | ITALY: Margherita D'Adamo | MACEDONIA: Elena Risteska | MEXICO: Oswaldo Gomez | NETHERLANDS/FINLAND: Samira Elagoz | NETHERLANDS/GERMANY: Antonia Steffens | NETHERLANDS/ITALY: Michael Scerbo | NETHERLANDS/POLAND: Maciej Sado | NETHERLANDS/UNITED KINGDOM: Rory Pilgrim | NORWAY: Marie Ursin | NORWAY/DENMARK: Katrine Elise Leth Nielsen | POLAND: Karolina Kraczkowska |
ROMANIA: Irina Gheorghe, Ioana-Laura Gheorghiu| RUSSIA: Liliya Burdinskaya | SPAIN/LITHUANIA: Ugne Dievaityte | SWEDEN: Robert Malmborg, Sindri Runudde | SWITZERLAND / CANADA: Dawn Nilo | UNITED KINGDOM: Janine Harrington | Laura Burns | UNITED KINGDOM/ITALY: Alice Tatge | UNITED KINGDOM/SERBIA: Stefan Jovanovic | UNITED KINGDOM/UNITED STATES: Christopher Matthews | UNITED STATES: Justin Cabrillos, John Hoobyar, Nikima Jagudajev, Elena Light, Jos McKain, Shannon Stewart | UNITED STATES /EGYPT: Salma Abdel Salam | UNITED STATES/INDIA: Ainesh Madan

Gallery photos by Karolina Miernik, Emilia Milewska, Joachim Kapuy

13.07.16 - 17.08.16

Vienna, Austria

supported/organized by Danceweb