"Day of the Dance / Open stage" by div. artists 2018

"Day of the Dance / Open stage" by div. artists 2018

Day of the Dance / Open Stage 2018
The Day of Dance in Flanders and Brussels takes place on the Saturday before International Dance Day on April 29th. It aims to open the eyes of the general public to the exciting and innovative dance scene in Flanders and Brussels. Choreographers and dancers from our region win high praise and appreciation abroad. Indeed, Brussels in particular, and by extension Flanders, has become a veritable hub of international dance. But here at home its spread and visibility leaves something to be desired. The Day of Dance is an invitation to the public at large to become better acquainted with the world of contemporary dance in a bid to make this art form better known and loved.

The Day of Dance is an initiative of vzw Kanaries in actie (Canaries in action). The dance organizations participating in vzw Kanaries in actie are: A Two Dogs Company, Arco Renz (Kobalt Works), Caravan Production, Claire Crozé (EC/CE), Damaged Goods, deSingel, Eastman, fABULEUS, Fieldworks, Great Investment, Grip, Hiatus, Kaaitheater, Kunst/Werk, Kunsthuis Ballet Vlaanderen, Les Ballets C de la B, Peeping Tom, Rosas, STUK, Troubleyn/Jan Fabre, Ugo Dehaes (Kwaad Bloed), Ultima Vez, Voetvolk and WP Zimmer.

Together with a number of Flemish and Brussels-based organizations, STUK takes part again in the Dag van de Dans on April 28th 2018. The highlight of the day will be the third edition of the OPEN STAGE: dancers and choreographers from Leuven and beyond are invited to present their choreography.

For this edition, Ultima Vez gives three dancers the opportunity to develop work, rehearse in the Ultima Vez studios and present the results on the Day of the Dance In STUK Leuven. As such these young Ultima Vez dancers are offered professional conditions to develop existing choreographic ideas, rehearse, have technical support and have the chance to confront their work with an audience. Next to that, there is an individual follow up with each dancer afterwards. Advice about next steps is given, more studio space put at disposal, the UV-network of partners is shared, with the aim to support these dancers in their further ambitions and career.

Première on April 28, 2018 in STUK, Leuven (BE)

More shows of each individual work take place in different contexts and at various places.

Complete PROGRAMME of Day of the Dance
PART 1 – 14:30 - 16:00

BURn Kiddo’s – Fresh (choreografie: Jeroen Lissens)
Annelien Grosjean – Every time 
Leuvense Balletakademie – Chaconne Theobroma - Montagnes-Lines (choreografie: Sofie Verhoelst; muziek: Stijn Kuppens)
Company TA  – I am both yes and no but human 
Jennifer Regidor & Tiziana Mombelli – A shoe story 
Heyoka – HEYOKA 
Be House – Metis 
Leuvense Balletakademie – Torn (dans: Helena Stynen; choreografie: Sofie Verhoelst)
Modern – Blauwput Dans – Hide and Seek
Litte Van Horebeek – Mjúkt, Hljóður og Flytja (zacht, stil en bewegen)
Grégoire Malandain (Ultima Vez) – Lux of Boredom

PART 2 – 17:00 - 19:00
Mo-Flow – Rewind
Blits 78 Kessel-Lo – You know you can’t Rome without Ceasar (choreografie: Freya Pauwels) 
Ruby en Imran – LLAW (short version)
Paola Madrid – A FEW AND FAR (Movement Research)
JesCom – Every Heart
Isabella Arboleda – Parafina
Thekla Compagnie – Safehaven (choreografie: Freya Pauwels) 
Compagnie Aira – Formidable (Danscentrum Aike Raes; choreografie: Zoë Demoustier) 
SLAC Conservatorium (Leuven) – Onderweg
Patricia Hastewell en Alexandros Anastasiadis (Ultima Vez) – Bardo Vals
Moving Ground (Evelyne Van Hecke) – We All Speak In Poems

The work by dancers selected by Ultima Vez for this program within the context of Life Long Burning:

“Bardo Vals”
Patricia Hastewell ( Spain) & Alexandros Anastasiadis (Greece)
Bardo Vals is a double-edged knife or the two sides of a coin. Bardo in Spanish is the name given to the roaming singers, who used to travel around the country, spreading their subjective view of the world through their songs. Bardo in Buddhism is a kind of limbo, a place between life and afterlife. Vals (waltz) is a dance involving two people in a complementary relationship. Approaching things from both their meanings, this piece conveys allegories of life through the images it creates. The bodies of the performers transform on stage and through the different shapes, they tell different stories. As the piece flows, new images keep arising and old ones reappearing, each transforming to the next one, like verses of a poem, while the storyline is left to the intuition.


Bardo Vals is a duet made by Patricia Hastewell with Alexandros Anastasiadis, as part of the collective La Otra Familia. 

The piece was created in Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance SEAD where  they studied together, and in Toihaus Theatre Salzburg. It has beeing performed in Salzburg, Berlin,,Lisbon, Brussels, Barcelona and Anrhem. 

Alexandros currently works with the the company Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus, and Patricia works with the Jasmin Vardimon Company. 


Choreography and performance: Patricia Hastewell and Alexandros Anastasiadis
Photography by Nikos Stavlas

With the support of SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Toihaus Theater Salzburg and Ultima Vez


« Lux of Boredom »

Grégoire Malandain (France)


Lux of Boredom is a moment, a space where everything become lazy, sluggish and unconcerned. Where any being get trap in this other reality of peacefulness and calm.

Choreography and performance : Grégoire Malandain

29.04.18 - 29.04.18

Brussels (BE)

supported/organized by Ultima Vez