Labo Prix Jardin d'Europe Amsterdam 2017

Labo Prix Jardin d'Europe Amsterdam 2017

The Labo Prix Jardin d'Europe is a format flexible module, connected to a local event or festival and combining several Life Long Burning activities.

The network partner Veem House for Performance organises the Labo Prix Jardin d'Europe in the frame of Bâtard Festival Amsterdam from 8 to 12 November 2017 and presents the following Life Long Burning activities:

  • Critical Practice - During Bâtard 'The Critic is Present' will be hosting a writers room where young writers will test different formats of critical thinking and writing.

  • Performance Situation Room - Bâtard will again be the place where performances will be accompanied with space to talk and to reflect.
  • Dance Works!  -  presentations of artists that are supported and co-produced by the network Oneka von Schrader and Ogutu Muraya.

  • Wild Card - during Bâtard we will host an artist, Gabriele Valerio, from our network partner ICI-CCN Montpellier who will join different aspects of the festival.

08.11.17 - 12.11.17

Amsterdam | NL

supported/organized by Het Veem Theater