Nomad Dance Institute Prep Meeting for Advocacy Project

Nomad Dance Institute Prep Meeting for Advocacy Project

This gathering, organised by the network partner Lokomotiva, was dedicated to the development of the programme and the preparations for the Performance Situation Room (NDI): NOMAD Dance Advocates, planned to take place in Sofia in 2015. This pre-meeting was organised as research part of this Life Long Burning project activity: Performance Situation Room/Advocacy event and Join it #2 Platform for Contemporary Performing Art

The pre-meeting in Sofia was initiated and hosted by the associated partner NDA Bulgaria. The participants were: Willy Prager (Brain Store Project/NDA Bulgaria), Iva Sveshtarova (Brain Store Project/NDA Bulgaria), Angelina Georgieva (New Dramaturgies Platform/NDA Bulgaria), Stephan Shtereff (Informbureau/NDA Bulgaria), Galina Borissova (NDA Bulgaria), Krassimira Bakardzhieva (NDA Bulgaria), Biljana Tanurovska-Kjulavkovski (Lokomotiva, Skopje/NDA Macedonia), Violeta Kachakova (Lokomotiva, Skopje/NDA Macedonia), Dejan Srhoj (NDA Slovenia), Gisela Müller (Tanzfabrik, Berlin), Dragana Alfirević (NDA Slovenia) and Elena Angelova (as guest student/assistant, Bulgaria).

The plan of the meeting was to research the possibilities of developing an event that will gather artists and professionals from the field of contemporary dance and decision makers. The group of participants discussed and researched on the following: Discuss the needs of the contemporary performing arts scene in Bulgaria and the region according to which the programme of the PSR: Nomad Dance Advocates Sofia event in 2015 will be developed; Develop the strategic goals and messages that will be communicated with decision makers; Develop the programme and dramaturgy of the event; Setting up the dates of the event; Make a list of participants that should be invited to the event and strategy for communication; Organise a meeting with representatives of the Sofia City Council and the independent performing art scene in Sofia in order to support the team with the organisation of the event.

During this meeting in the premises of the Goethe Institute Sofia, representatives made a presentation of the LLB project and met the representatives from the association of the independent scene in Bulgaria. 

30.06.14 - 02.07.14

Sofia / Bulgaria

supported/organized by Lokomotiva