“An expanded choreography owns the future. Dance as we know it is soon, if not already as dead as opera or Dixieland jazz. The future belongs to choreography but only if it acknowledges its potentiality as an expanded capacity. Choreography is not the art of making dances (a directional set of tools) - it is a generic set of capacities to be applied to any kind of production, analysis or organization.” (Marten Spangberg, 17 POINTS FOR THE FUTURE OF DANCE)

Situations is the format developed and conceived by Nomad Dance Academy members Gisela Mueller (Member of board of directors in Tanzfabrik, Berlin), Dragana Alfirevic (Coordinator at Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia) and Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski (Director of Lokomotiva, Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture), in order to help develop new formats for understanding of what dance can be and what the role of choreography can be today.

Situations is a proposition that evolved from the project f(v)olk dance (, which is based on a romantic presumption that dance had another kind of function once in the past, that it had a more participatory social role and was less representational. F(v)olk dance changed its name into Situations in March 2016, and we continue to explore how dance can be inclusive, inviting and participatory, without compromising its philosophical and aesthetical potentialities, and be less of a perform-watch game.

We have discussed and researched much of material around functions of dance and possibilities of participatory and anti-consumerist approach to dance and movement. We observed certain events through their potentialities for being social tools and we tried to advocate for different role of contemporary performing arts in various places.

The three collaborators from different countries, different age and different background create various formats through time, where they can explore in a practical way what an event can bring to dance situation and what dance can bring to a group of people who met for some reason, and who share space and time together.

Situations is an attempt to apply our principles of how we work within our contemporary dance practice into a dance or a structure which could be open to everyone of any age, where all kinds of people can dance/be together and share the pleasure of moving/choreographing.

We see our collaboration going in the direction of a specific exchange on the level of contributing to the local contexts and inviting artists to challenge and change the existing modes of operation, presentation and communication.

The main aim is to include the communities around our festivals and venues into our work.

We will in different ways invite and welcome people that live and work in the surrounding of our venues/festivals/structures, people of different ages and backgrounds, and offer them processes of work on our own methodologies of dance. We believe that in this way we will be able to exchange materials and make liaisons different to the existing ones.

The event in Skopje is now invited to contribute to the program of Kino Kultura – space for contemporary dance and culture ( , a new venue in the hearth of Skopje, in order to address different communities there, and also in order to further the work on the Situations.

Situations in Skopje will be organized in a frame of KULTRAINING program of Lokomotiva and Kino Kultura that is dedicated on inclusion of communities through contemporary dance and movement research.

It has been started as programme in 2016 and it is ongoing program that is implemented each Monday from 17:00 – 19:00.

Including SITUATION into the program of KULTURAINING will be added value for the local community and also will additionally impact the movement research of the team of the project.

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Time schedule 
Arrivals 08.10.2016
9.-11.10.2016 workshops
11.10.2016 public presentation
12.10.2016 meeting of the programming team
12.10.2016 departure


Programming: Dragana Alfirevic, Gisela Muller and Biljana Tanurovska KjulavkovskiWorkshop leaders Dragana Alfirevic and Gisela Muller
Coordination Violeta Kachakova/ Coordination (the participants of Kultraining) Sabrina Zeleznik/ Administration Kliment Popovski.

08.10.16 - 12.10.16

Skopje (MK)

supported/organized by Lokomotiva