Nomad Dance Institute Zagreb

Nomad Dance Institute Zagreb

Following the Performance Situation Room in Ljubljana in September 2013, the Nomad Dance Institute group met again to work further on the discussed topics Co-teaching and Archive.

Co-teaching is based on a program „teach back“ degenerated thru NDI. It represents an investment in human resources with the aim of further development of the individual practice and discourse, which are important for growth and exchange of knowledge, and training formats. In Zagreb, the NDI team had a residence in April during the Platform HR/Labo Prix Jardin d’Europe, and partners / artists from the region and Europe were present. Artists involved in the project Co-teaching were Martin Sonderkmap, Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld, Larissa Navojec, J. Publisher, Gisela Muller, Angelina Georgieva, in Sibiu, Rok Vevar, Iva Sveshtarova, Willy Prager, Dejan Srjoj, Mr. Kamnikar and Tamara Curić. The group created the curriculum for Development of Co-Teaching and they researched new approaches and forms in education in all areas, professional education, education of children and youth as well as adults and the elderly.

Archive is a demanding project. In developing strategies that will be used to collect information and data for a complete archive of contemporary dance in the region, the team is aware with the scope of the whole project. It was decided that each country devise what and how to archive and what are the priorities for their establishment. It is necessary to make a plan and develop projects to act as a realization of the archive of contemporary dance what everyone imagines. The following artists were involved in the Archive Project: J. Publisher, Gina Muller, A. Georgia, in Sibiu, Rok Vevar and Tamara Curić.

18.04.14 - 24.04.14

Pogon Jedinstvo Zagreb / Croatia

supported/organized by Tala Dance Center