Performance Situation Room / Ex Folk Dances | Skopje

Performance Situation Room / Ex Folk Dances | Skopje

Ex Folk Dances

Meeting of Gisela Müller, Dragana Alfirevic and Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski. During this meeting they developed a concept that can be applied from the several researches they did related to the Community/ folk Dances and bringing communities through dance together.

SITUATIONS is an attempt to apply their principles of how they work within their contemporary dance practice into a dance or a structure which could be open to everyone of any age, where all kinds of people can dance/be together and share the pleasure of moving/choreographing. Until now they worked under the project title Folkdance, which started during their first meeting in Skopje, transformed now into the name “Situations”, which might be much closer to where their interests lie; On how social moments work and how they can restructure or find new structures that allow an open space for people to connect, to exchange and to communicate rather than making a deep research on Folkdance.

They see their collaboration going in the direction of a specific exchange on the level of contributing to the local contexts and inviting artists to challenge and change the existing modes of operation, presentation and communication.

24.05.15 - 29.05.15

Skopje (MK)

supported/organized by Lokomotiva