Performance Situation Room Lokomotiva research residency

Performance Situation Room Lokomotiva research residency

Organized and implemented by Workshop Foundation, 10.-14.04.2018

Regarding to our plans in the frame of PSR programme we would invited professional experts and lecturers to Hungary to work and think together with local experts and artists.

Following the main goals of PSR programme, we were headed to a research programme and invited Slavic artists previously took part in our Wild Cards residency in November 2017. Snježana Premuš (MK) and her collaborators continued their targeted, special soundtechnique-based research project

The research project with its results will be presented in September 2018 in Ljubljana (SLO). There were two main results of recalling the artists: firtsly, the techniqual equipments, the technology (sound projector) and its inherent theatrical and artistic use, and the artists’ motion quality. Moreover on their residency and work-in-progress presentation in November, attention, humility, techniqual knowledge and qualification.

In our opinion the PSR activity of LLB is one of the most creative subprogramme, that activity is essentially focused on researching, and is freely adaptable and convertable according to the currentand local needs.

10.04.18 - 14.04.18

Budapest (HU)

supported/organized by Workshop Foundation