PREMIERE Co-production "Excitement Of Our People" by Raul Maia

PREMIERE Co-production "Excitement Of Our People" by Raul Maia

"Excitement of our people" is a riddle of voice and movement in which the dancers weave an abstract narrative in real time. The empathetic movement material breaks itself down into its individual components to the point of total abstraction. A blurring of the boundaries between form and content develops in the dependent mechanism of an information vacuum in order to create its new meanings in return. The focus in Raul Maia’s works is on the creation and practice of behaviour patterns and their inscription as lasting body language. He understands performance as a “ritual” happening where issues are discussed, articulated and synchronously experienced.

ARTISTIC DIRECTION: Raul Maia PERFORMANCE:  Raphael Michon, Sabina Holzer, Raul MaiaSOUND AND STAGE SET: Alexander Kasses, Raul Maia LIGHTING DESIGN: Bas Devos  CO-PRODUCTION: Tanzquartier Wien, life long burning, Im_fliegerWITH THE SUPPORT OF: Arbeitsplatz, D.ID Burgenland, Scapes sound and choreography, Lavauzelle, La Metive, Casa do PombalSUPPORTED BY: MA7 / Wien Kultur

PREMIERE Co-production

03.02.16 - 06.02.16

Tanzquartier Wien, Vienna (AT)

supported/organized by Danceweb