Premiere Co-production "Inter-face" by Benjamin Vandewalle

Premiere Co-production "Inter-face" by Benjamin Vandewalle

The French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas stated that it is impossible to avoid the gaze of ‘the Other’. In this impossibility of averting the gaze of ‘the Other’, one becomes aware of the fact that you are the only one who could react and interact with that other person. In inter – face two participants enter in two different small spaces that are connected through a transparent mirror. Through a system of light fading in and out, we create an effect similar to the “pepper ghost technique” used in theatres in the past. First the spectator sees himself in the mirror, until slowly the face of the other appears on the same place. This effect opens up many different possibilities to interact with ‘the other’. What takes place is a theatrical game, a dance is taking place between faces and gazes. In Inter-face the other slowly but suddenly appears in us, while watching ourselves.

Premiere Co-production

30.11.18 - 02.12.18

Working Title Festival at Brigittines (Brussels) (BE)

supported/organized by Workshop Foundation