PREMIERE Co-production "Late night show" by Atelier21220

PREMIERE Co-production "Late night show" by Atelier21220

Following the work-in-progress presentation of Late night show (Eroica Univeralis – working title) on 28th of June 2017, the performance was invited and premiered at MU Theatre on 6th of April 2018. Eroica Universalis is focused on the theme of pornography and its effects on the society and art, in spite of that the production did not became pornograph, offensive neither in movement, nor choreography and representation. Janus Ales Luznar (SK), sound designer composed his music parallely with the creation of the piece and the choreography

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PREMIERE Co-production

06.04.18 - 07.04.18

MU Theatre Budapest (HU)

supported/organized by Workshop Foundation