PREMIERE Co-production "Öreg Tó" by Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi

PREMIERE Co-production "Öreg Tó" by Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi

The creators will research on artificial and natural human senses. They want to see how they interact, exchange and change the information.

Artificial sensors: they will research with sensors that can sense: bending, pushing and distance. they can send the information to change the music, light, colours, projected image, and any other machine one could think of. Their research is about what else they can do with those sensors.

Questions: how to give a sensory output from computer towards performer? If the performer is leading the light and the sound what does it give to the audience?

Can one make a machine that moves with the information that the dancer gives through the artificial sensors?

Human sensors: they are interested to research how to influence their sensory organs through different channels than the ordinary ones. How to influence taste through hearing, kinesthetic sense through music or hearing through movement? How to taste with the eyes? How to smell movement? How to see music? How to influence the sense of touch without touching? How to see with eyes closed.

Many combinations possible and we are eager to research all of them.

What is the link that will make sense in the experience of the viewer?

They would like to develop an experience for the audience where they can be with their own senses, enjoy the different inputs and create connections between their senses. It's like opening the doors of senses towards the surrounding information, which isn't necessarily useful or constructive information but definitely enjoyable abstract input: colours, forms, rhythms and qualities. While they sit on their chair the audience will get instructions, like in a guided journey between the inner and the outer sensation. They will get sensory inputs meanwhile they are reminded to focus on their breathing, on their neighbours and on their bodies (weight, alignment, heat, speed of heartbeat, etc.). This will produce a unique experience in each person.

This is the starting point oft he creators, according tot hei rambition they will find connections and exchange between artificial and natural senses to create a piece that explores dance and visual art.


Participating artists:


Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi – choreography, dance, HungaryMárcio Canabarro – dance, Belgium

Victor Perez Armero – dance, Spain

Tóbiás Terebessy – set, light design, Hungary

Márk Bartha – beat box, music, Hungary

Viktor Vicsek – projection, sound design, Hungary

PREMIERE Co-production

02.05.14 - 03.05.14

MU Theatre Budapest / Hungary

supported/organized by Workshop Foundation