PREMIERE Co-production "PA.KO DOBLE" by Paola Stella / Konstantinos Rizzos

PREMIERE Co-production "PA.KO DOBLE" by Paola Stella / Konstantinos Rizzos

PA.KO DOBLE is a project about Spanish dance in France, the paso doble.

PA.KO DOBLE is a hybrid project between installation, music, dance and publication: that is, we imagine it as an object branching out in multiple directions. 

> The making of a piece as a duet form.

> A sound composition/second album by our music group.

> A published object.

> A work process/research by means of concerts and installations.

The starting point of this project is us, Paola and Kostantinos, and our pluridisciplinary and unruly collaboration. A duet, or better: a PASO DOBLE. Our wish is to work on paso doble as a duet dance form and as a framework so that to organize our choreographic relationship.

We're working on the idea of intimacy, trust, unity, society which defines partners' relationship in this type of dance, as we had already explored in our neomelodic post punk music group.

The paso doble is also of interest due to its genre, between its working class origin and dubious taste for its drift towards pop/kitsch.

We're starting from the wish to work on a duet form and especially on our duet, on choreographic materials, images, objects we produce from our own work relationship in and out of the dance studio. It is a kind of «retrospective» on our «infuriated» sharing (since we started the Exerce Master in October 2015) built around numerous choreographic practices which have their own language: dances, improvisations, masks, images, looking for a framework to exist.

We're thinking of the paso doble as an imaginary reference made of pathos, struggle, sometimes ridiculous gestures, but never with lack of intensities. We can notice the relationship bull/bullfighter as a basis for this dance's fantasy. Not between us two, Paola & Konstantinos, nor between us and you, but between all of us and the dance before our eyes escaping us. We're searching for ourselves, we don't really know why, but for some reasons we have the feeling that it's a survival question.  

PREMIERE Co-production

01.01.18 - 31.01.18

I.C.I. – CCN de Montpellier

supported/organized by CCN Montpellier