PREMIERE Co-production "Secret Radio" by Informbureau, Ligna and Goethe Institute Sofia

PREMIERE Co-production "Secret Radio" by Informbureau, Ligna and Goethe Institute Sofia

Secret Radio

by Informbureau, Ligna and Goethe Institute in Sofia

"Real power begging where secrecy begins."
Hannah Arendt

Our lives are controlled. We deliver everday by mobile phones, credit cards, email a lot of data for someone, we don't know it is there: there secret service. Artist from Informbureau and Ligna ask, why the state maintains a monopoly for secret agency? Do we have to organize - like the bourgeoise 300 years ago - new secret societies?

Secret Radio invites the audience to become secret agents in one of the most controlled and transparent spaces, prototypes of future public space: the shopping mall. Everyone would be lead by the secret radio on his personal mission through the mall, meeting other agents, trying techniques tp conceal the own activity and questioning the power structure of our society. How would a state, a society functions without secret service? Multiple secret techniques!

Established in 1997, LIGNA is a group comprising the media theorists, radio, theatre and performance artists Ole Frahm, Michael Hueners and Torsten Michaelsen. In shows, performative interventions and installations, they explore the potential for action on the part of collectives that form diffuse and temporary associations. The preferred venue for their interventions is the increasingly controlled public domain, for which they devised the radio ballet genre: a choreography of forbidden and excluded gestures is broadcast on the radio; the listeners bring them back en masse and in uncontrollable fashion.

“Secret Radio” is the second collaborative project between Informbureau and LIGNA after “Without Radio I can’t” and second participation at Antistatic Festival after the radio ballet “The New Man” in 2011. “Secret Radio” is realized in collaboration with Life Long Burning, Nomad Dance Academy and Station - Service for Contemporary Dance.- Belgrade. Supported by Culture Programme of European Union, Goethe Institut Bulgaria, Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria and Bulgaria Mall. Tickets: 10/8 BGNI'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

Concept: Stephan Shtereff and Ligna
Script: Ligna
Soundscape: Emilian Gatsov
Ligna: Ole Frahm, Torsten Michaelsen, Michael Hueners
Informbureau: Stephan Shtereff, Mialena Halvadjyiska
Special participation: Jasmina Zaloznik
Spifire Company: Petr Bohac, Mirenka Cechtova
Thanks to: Yoana Mircheva, Mirko Popov, Katelina Kancheva, Bryan Turner

In association partnership with Spitfire Company - Bezhlavi, o.s. Czech Republic

Premiere: 7 April, 17:00 & 20:00 at Bulgaria Mall (Boulevard Bulgaria) in Sofia

PREMIERE Co-production

07.04.14 - 07.04.14

Sofia / Bulgaria

supported/organized by Station