PREMIERE Co-production "Stapelproject" by Floor Van Leeuwen

PREMIERE Co-production "Stapelproject" by Floor Van Leeuwen

Floor van Leeuwen graduated in 2009 from the Amsterdam School of the Arts (Mime department). She founded with her classmates the collective Schwalbe with which she made amongst others the performances ‘Spaar ze’, ‘Schwalbe speelt op eigen kracht’, ‘Schwalbe speelt vals’, ‘Schwalbe zoekt massa’. With the last performance they won the most prestigious award for young makers in the Netherlands; BNG Nieuwe Makersprijs and which was selected for the Nederlandse Dansdagen.

Schwalbe describes themselves as follows;

“Schwalbe is a theatre collective, comprised of seven performers and creators. Our work is physical by nature. Every performance is born out of the body. Physicality is pushed to the limits and displays itself to be fickle and unpredictable in extreme circumstances. The live aspect, and the unexpected, is captured in a theatrical setting. We search for reality, on the border of theatre and performance.” 

Besides working with Schwalbe, Floor performs (and co-creates) with makers such as Lotte van den Berg and Boogaerdt en Van der Schoot.

This is the first performance she will make ‘alone’. 

PREMIERE Co-production

01.09.17 - 30.09.17

Amsterdam (NL)

supported/organized by Het Veem Theater