PREMIERE Co-production "TASK 15- STEP 2" by Koruga, Müller, Mijačević, Pautan, Curić, Navojec

PREMIERE Co-production "TASK 15- STEP 2" by Koruga, Müller, Mijačević, Pautan, Curić, Navojec

TASK 15 – STEP 2

collaborative authorship proposal for expanded choreographies of inter-localities

The project TASK 15 is a collaborative project of Gisela Muller (DE), Sonja Pregrad (DE/CRO), Igor Koruga (DE/SER), Tamara Curić (CRO), Larisa Navojec (CRO), Gregor Kamnikar (SLO) and Ivan Mijačević (SLO).  We are seven artists, who all also work as cultural organizers in different institutions (Tanzfabrik, TALA dance centre, Stanica, Federacija Deluje, NDA) and have been brought together by collaborating on the international project TASK since 2011.

The TASK project is a sort of experimental frame – game, and it represents the co-authorship of artists (the author and the reactor). This game asks a certain “renouncement” of the completeness of one’s own authorship and “simplifying” the process of creation as a whole, but, because of this, the project always empowers communication of common desires and concerns, brings up new possibilities of both organization and creation of an artistic work.

In April 2015 we have started TASK 15, an ongoing 15-year long collaboration project.

As 7 artists that have been brought together in organizing the project, we join our experiences and knowledge gathered through the organization, conceptualizing, interviewing source artists and mentoring responding artists, as well as making our own TASKs in the last 5 years, together with bringing in our artistic interests and capacities. Out of this we created TASK 15, which is, differently than the TASKs published until now, a collaborative authorship proposal, an on-going live project and it deals with the idea of expanded choreographies and inter-localities. This TASK is an open process in which we would like to share our strategies and resources, and the shape of the work was open, resulting in an initiative for self-organization, installation of a choreography (performed at Platforma HR festival on 25th of April 2015 and 21-th of April 2016, and we had 3 small presentations in Montpellier-FR).
This was a step 1 of TASK15 and we now are continuing towards the step 2.


TASK 12 – STEP 2 is focused on term “opening”.

TASK 15 –STEP 2 is observing fragility, vulnerability, awareness, trust, frame, content, transitions between frames as a conclusion, responsibility, embodiment, crumbling, different sense of time in relation to embodiment, then in relation to talking/conversation, different spaces existing parallel to one another…by opening door in this faze of a process, ba opening box, by opening mind, by, opening legs, by opening harts, by opening eyes, by opening ears, by opening festival, by opening...

In what way can observation offer different ways of collaboration?
What is it what you like to do?
Working with different framing…
How do we build the climate?
How do we exist together?

In November 2016 we will present Task 15 – Step 2 in a public space in Zagreb and Ljubljana to close this observation.

 TASK is an interactive dance journal-project. It entails the explorative, performative, educational, documentary and visual/graphical aspect. The original idea for the project came from graphic designer and dancer Martina Granić, who in 2011, as part of her graphic design studies, created dance “wall newspapers”. The main conceptual axes of her project were the categorization of the creative process, communicating methodology/technology to readers/artists and the possibility of parallel documentation/archives. The project in its current form was started that same year in cooperation with Sonja Pregrad and at the initiative of TALA Dance Center/Platforma HR festival, or rather, Tamara Curić and Larisa Navojec, who took that concept and in it saw the potential for activating the dance scene in a new way. The basic idea of creating a wider project was based on creating a platform for documenting the systematics of (dance) creation, as well as publishing, archiving and analyzing that material, followed by exchanging methodologies, cooperation and questioning authorship through its fragmenting, transposing and reframing. For each TASK, a choreographer is invited to propose 7 instructions, as steps towards creation of a work. These are published, together with a documentation of his/her work and then other professional and young choreographers or artists from other media are invited to use these TASKs to create a work in a dialogue with the written steps. The project has so far, over last 4 years, brought together over 50 artists of different generations, aesthetics, media and nationalities.


20.04.17 - 23.04.17

Platforma HR/TASK Festival Zagreb


PREMIERE Co-production

23.02.17 - 23.02.17

Adriatic Dance House Hvar Island (HR)

supported/organized by Tala Dance Center