PREMIERE Co-production "The Invisibles" by Institute of Catastrophy and Chaos

PREMIERE Co-production "The Invisibles" by Institute of Catastrophy and Chaos

Institute for Catastrophe and Chaos

The Invisibles

Interdisciplinary performance research

We founded the Institute for Catastrophe and Chaos in Zagreb in 2011 as a collective of female artists in the fields of performance and performance studies. Our interest lies in the reality of social experience and position of artist in a neo-liberal economy, with the focus on women’s work. The format of our performance work is mirroring that reality.

Our new project, The Invisibles interdisciplinary performance research, has two main starting points: a study by Gregory Sholette DARK MATTER: Activist Art and the Counter-Public Sphere and Silva Federici’s book Caliban and the Witch.

The Invisibles explores the co-relation of different dance and performance expressions and debates the performance theory and visual arts. Our desire is to create a collective work dedicated to developing a process of mutual trust and cooperation on personal levels, artistic inputs, and production strategies. The Invisibles aims to make visible all the invisible processes that happen beyond and between the performance materials.

Is it possible to create a process that favors people over capital?
A process that builds new models of cooperation?
A process that respects human relations rather than profit charts only?

Nataša: Art is now only a "band-aid" over a huge social volcano. We pretend that art heals. But art is, in fact, only a substitute for the total lack of care in official institutions. Art is plenty, but not enough. Because art still doesn't speak the language of deep cooperation. Only the language of personal interest and/or global market. 

Nerina asksWhat is the opposite of a nurse?

Deana answers: A man.

Selma answers: A patient.

Nataša answers: A witch.


Participating artists:

Annalaura Alifuoco, Selma Banich, Charlotte Darbyshire, Deana Gobac, Nataša Govedić, Hana Lukas Midžić, Roberta Milevoj, Mila Pavićević and Iva Nerina Sibila


Premiere: 23 April 2014 in the frame of PLATFORMA HR in Zagreb

PREMIERE Co-production

23.04.14 - 23.04.14 Zagreb / Croatia

supported/organized by Tala Dance Center