PREMIERE co-production "Three Portraits" by Sarah van Lamsweerde

PREMIERE co-production "Three Portraits" by Sarah van Lamsweerde

Three Portraits" is a trilogy of meetings between portrait and spectator. Since 2007, Sarah has been working on performative installations where pictorial representation unfolds into the live dimensions of time and space, including the audience progressively and integrally. The first - "Meeting You" (2007) - is a meeting between a 15th-century painting and 1 spectator, the second – "With Guest Appearances By" (2008) - a parcours through a 19th-century family picture for 10 spectators and the last – "Montage" (2011) - a confrontation with a mass group-portrait for 80 audience members. These three works are thematically very linked, yet formally quite distinct – in time, space and appearance. Showing them as a trilogy creates a journey for the spectator where each immersive experience can inform the next. Placed within the context of a festival or an exhibition, each proposition can be viewed separately, although the serial experience will certainly deepen the sense of traveling through a set of performative, literally reflective situations, always linking memory to medium, ranging from the most intimate encounter to the most communal gathering.


Participating Artists:

Sarah van Lamsweerde (NL/BE) - maker

Tashi Iwaoka (JAP) - performer

Marianne Langenegger (CH) - performer

Norberto Llopis Segarra (ES) - performer

Nat Miller (UK) - performer

Mariangela Tinelli (IT) - performer

Daniëlle van Vree (NL) - performer

Sonja Jokiniemi (FIN) – performer

PREMIERE co-production

16.10.13 - 16.10.13

Het Veem Theatre Amsterdam / NL

supported/organized by Het Veem Theater