Premiere "StudioDisorder's La Maison Baroque" by Rodrigo Garcia Alves

Premiere "StudioDisorder's La Maison Baroque" by Rodrigo Garcia Alves

Studio Disorder's La Maison Baroque is a place to encounter performers engaged in post-colonial discourse and share in their boundary-pushing practices in a playful space. Studio Disorder plays with tension and release, anger and eros. Baroque aesthetics and dimensions inform this post-modern dialogue about the establishment of European colonies in Latin America. How did the discovery of the New World affect the European artistic modus operandi? How did this tradition influence art and behavior in South and Central America. Brazilian history and art manifests its direct connections to European traditions.

This is a performance which explores and quests traces of Otherness; an endless open chain of references, which unfolds, develops, tangles itself up; fold upon fold, winding its way in five acts from Europe to Latin America and back. Layer upon layer, scene upon scene. While accumulating, representing, transcreating, in-corporating, we, performers, unravel this yarn but on the way to organize it, recoils, curls itself up again and once more unwinds itself to present a completely new figuration. This Baroque thread entangles playfully, passionately, parodically and intimately with the labyrinth that is this (post)colonial territory. It simultaneously transforms into new constellations, from which we cannot always catch its overallpicture. Sometimes only some aspects are visible; then, when  put together again, changes into a fragmented whole which unfolds; a parangolé, a net, that interweaves with ourselves – now, collected, put together, assembled. Each a mosaic, hybrid and fragmented. The starting point: oppression. Followed by: the in-corporation of the oppressor, his transformation, his appropriation by leaving our own mark on him. Sending him (to) death, the pest and tracing our own selves on the back of mestizaje. Twisting around in our own labyrinth – what we find there is chance, challenge, risk and excess. What remains: Studio Disorder. And the laughter about the very same.

This performance, a labyrinth, that folds in itself on the road of the sea to Ouro Preto (the black gold town) into the depths of the earth and back again.

“... so much wasted work! So much play and squandering, so much effort without purpose.” - Severo Sarduy


Concept, Choreography and Performance Rodrigo Garcia Alves
Performance Mab Cardoso, Pedro Costa, Harvey Rabbit, Liz Rosenfeld
Light and sound design Catalina Fernández
Costume design Lena Schmid
Dramaturgy Julia Lehmann
Artistic Collaboration and Prints Ricardo Matos
Assistance Viviane De Oliveira Gnutzmann
Production David Eckelmann
Vocal Coaching Valerie Renay
Photo documentation Gustavo Camilo

Co-production Uferstudios Berlin in collaboration with Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT) with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union (Project Life Long Burning)

With the support of Jared Gradinger, Nik Haffner, Alex Martinis Roe, Boyan Manchev




04.12.14 - 05.12.14

Uferstudios Berlin / Germany

supported/organized by Uferstudios