Prix Jardin d'Europe 2014

Prix Jardin d'Europe 2014

Since 2008, the Prix Jardin d’Europe serves as a landmark initiative to support and celebrate upcoming contemporary dance art. Until 2017, it will take place in Vienna, embedded in the European network “Life Long Burning”.

In 2014, the following 14 [8:tension] Young Choreographers' Series - productions were nominated for the Prix Jardin d'Europe 2014, endowed with EUR 10.000,- and an artistic residency: 

Teresa Silva & Filipe Pereira (PT) "What Remains Of What Has Passed"
Geumhyung Jeong (KR) "Oil Pressure Vibrator"
Rosalind Goldberg (DE/NO) "MIT"
Karol Tymiński (PO) "Beep"
Rebecca Patek (US) "ineter(a)nal f/ear"
Gaëtan Rusquet (BE/FR) "Meanwhile"
Jillian Peña (US) "Polly Pocket"
Dana Michel (CA) "Yellow Towel"
Zhang Mengqi (CN) "Self Portrait and Sex Education"
Georgia Vardarou (BE/GR) "Phenomena"
Daniel Kok/diskodanny (SG) "Cheerleader of Europe" - LLB Co-production
Michael O'Connor (AT/US) "Tertiary" - LLB Co-production
Albert Quesada (BE/ES) "Wagner & Ligeti" - LLB Co-production
Dinis Machado (SE/PT) "Black Cats Can See In The Dark But Are Not Seen" - LLB Co-production

More information about the nominees can be found >>here

The jury 2014 consisted of performance artist and choreographer Anne Juren (AT/FR), Charlotte Vandeveyver (BE) – artistic coordinator of the Workspace Brussels for many years and new programming director of the dance department at the renowned STUK Leuven – as well as Catalan dance curator and artist Quim Pujol (ES).  

Further, the precious public opinion could be expressed through the brand new Fan Award. From 04 July to 17 August 2014, votes could be casted online by choosing the most intersting, most vicious, most humorous, most charming oder perhabs worst tempered [8:tension] performance teaser, created by the respective artists themselves.
Check out the Fan Award Videos 2014 >>here

The gala ceremony of the Prix Jardin d'Europe 2014 took place on 17 August 2014 at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz / Vienna, 19:00, presented by Dirk Stermann & Doris Uhlich. One out of many surprises announced by the two moderators was the spontaneous decision to award the so-called ImPulsTanz Award for outstanding accomplishments.

The jury prize, endowed with 10,000,- euros and a two week artistic residency in the frame of ImPulsTanz 2015 was awarded to Jillian Peña (US) for the production Polly Pocket.

Furthermore, the winner will also carry home a prize sculpture especially created for this occasion by Vienna based artist Deborah Sengl.

The jury explained their decision as follows:

“Difference and repetition are a cornerstone of choreography. Jillian Peña’s piece deals with it in a skillful and critical way. The jury valued the craftsmanship of the choreographer and found pleasure in the ability to destabilize conventional movement and to deal with failure and imperfections. The jury esteemed the strong authorship behind the work and the courage that it takes to stand for a clear position.”

Winner of the Prix Jardin d'Europe Fan Award for the highest number of online votes is Rebecca Patek (US).

In addition to the distinction of the Prix Jardin d’Europe, the festival surprised with the brand new ImPulsTanz Prize on the final day of an exceptionally successful festival. This prize was created to award outstanding artistic accomplishments with 3.000,- euros as well as a three week artistic residency at ImPulsTanz. The award was awarded to Dana Michel (CA) for her production Yellow Towel.

17.08.14 - 17.08.14

Vienna / Austria

supported/organized by Danceweb