residency Cecilia Lisa Eliceche at Riksteatern (SE)

residency Cecilia Lisa Eliceche at Riksteatern (SE)

Upon recommendation and selection by the co-organizer Workspace Brussels, Cullberg Ballet invited Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, (AR/ BE) dancer and choreographer, for a three-week research residency without the pressure of production at Cullberg Ballets location in the production house of Riksteatern (Swedish National Touring Theatre). During the residency Cullberg Ballet offered lodging in a central apartment hotel, individual local travel cards, a large studio, morning classes with the company, fitness facilities, technical support, and artistic advice in a creative environment. Cullberg Ballet also covered the travel costs, per diem and the artist received an individual fee.

Cecilia was further offered to work with the dancers from the Cullberg Ballet during her residency and to invite guests to the studio for the sharing of her process and to research as well as to access activities such as lectures/workshops organized by the company. She made two showings of her work one at the beginning of the residency as a presentation of what she planned on researching during her residency. The presentation was advertised internally to Riksteatern staff, and attended by company dancers, artistic team and administration. The final presentation at the end of the residency was a summary of the material she had collected during the three weeks.  This presentation was advertised as the previous one and was also opened up to guest from the dance community in Stockholm.

Cecilia also had the opportunity to meet with Susanne Bergren the Project Manager of Berättelser på Hemvägen, (Storys on your way Home), Riksteatern Värmland and to work with her in Värmland with in this context.

Together with Dusan Muric who also had an artist residency during the same period they created a corridor library. Putting texts together that they thought were important for their work and understanding of the world, in a corridor of Cullberg Ballet building, free for anyone to take, and also to add texts.

Note from the Cecilia Lisa Eliceche: “There was a sense of giving value to research and other forms of presentation that are not the typical three month creation towards a theatric première. Having come out of such a process I really needed time to reflect and digest, but also show something in the end without the pressure of the ‘dance market’.  Having this opportunity, while being under a legal Belgium contract, was very important. To value this processes as professional. I am very happy with the final 'performance'. I managed to challenge myself and explore various forms and skills in an assertive and full manner. This is a product of the supporting environment at Cullberg Ballet. 

Artists: Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Dancer/ Choreographer (AR,BE)

Collaborators: Manon Santkin (FR): Dancer, Karin Schmidt (SE) Dancer, Adam Weig (SE) Dancer, Zoë Poluch, (SE) Dancer, on 'the bird act' with burlesque artists Fräulein Frauke (SE) and volunteers, dancers from the Cullberg Ballet

12.05.14 - 01.06.14

Stockholm / Sweden

supported/organized by Cullberg Ballet