residency for Massimo Gerardi

residency for Massimo Gerardi

Massimo Gerardi received a residency from May 22 – June 4, 2014 at WASP studios Bucharest, hosted and organised by 4Culture. During this residency Massimo Gerardi worked on a performance called “Magnetic Fields” together with five artists. For two weeks, 4Culture provided the space for audition (the performers were selected after a workshop-audition at WASP), provided the rehearsal space for the project and accommodation for the choreographer Massimo Gerardi. In the dance performance “Magnetic Fields” we encounter various characters trying to live their dreams. The figures decide to escape a reality, breaking through the fixed contruction which constantly forces them into particular movements, actions or behaviours and discovering personal situations in which they feel alive and are aware of their own being.

In autumn 2014, the production premiered at Odeon Theatre in Bucharest, with further showings in Germany (October 8 & 9, 2014 at Hellerau Dresden) and Romania. The total audience number in Romania can be counted with 500.

22.05.14 - 04.06.14

Bucharest, WASP / Romania

supported/organized by 4Culture