residency for Mirko Guido at ROSAS studio Brussels

residency for Mirko Guido at ROSAS studio Brussels

RESIDENCY at ROSAS in Brussels, hosted by workspacebrussels

6 - 17 October 2014

Life Long Burning WILD CARDS is part of the European project Life Long Burning, developed and organized by a network of twelve partner institutions (4Culture/RO, CCN Montpellier/FR, Cullberg Ballet/SE, danceWEB/AT, Het Veem Theater/NL, Lokomotiva/MK, Station/RS, Tala Dance Center/HR, Uferstudios/DE, Ultima Vez/BE, Workshop Foundation/HU, workspacebrussels/BE).

The program aims at fostering the transnational circulation of artistic development and the further education in the field of contemporary dance and choreographic research. It consists of residencies, choreographic researches with established companies as well as scholarships for further education for emerging choreographers and professional dancers. 

In the frame of the Life Long Burning Wild Cards, workspacebrussels is offering a residency at ROSAS in Brussels to its Wild Card partner Cullberg Ballet.

When: 6 - 17 October, 2014
Where: ROSAS studios in Brussels, Belgium
What: workspacebrussels, the host of this residency, is providing a residency at the studios of the Compagnie ROSAS, including travel to Brussels, Per Diem (EUR 24/day), accommodation, the possibility to organize a showing at the end of the residency as well as dramaturgical guidance that shall be defined before the residency.

Cullberg Ballet chose the artist Mirko Guido for this slot, who is working in his project "Entities and Intimacy" during this residency.



Is the public space only a space for several entities, or also a space for interactive personalities?
Is it only a functional space or is it also a space for exposures, exchanges and opportunities?
What is the distance between the viewer and the performer?
What determinate the point of encounter? Is it a moment of contact, proximity, or just an intangible place
within the field of energies?
How does the relation between audience members and performers changes depending on the different degrees of intimacy proposed in the room? 
In my next work I will explore the potential of an “intimate approach” in our social relations and public spheres.
Awareness of one’s own intimacy can allow empathy to one another also in the larger social contexts, and therefore, a more fluent discursive dialog between identities.
Including the personal and intimate in the public sphere can create premises for encounters. It is a form of presentation and invitation; an opening and liberation of the personal as base for acts of constructive social dialogues.
During this first phase of researches I will analyze the differences between exposure and concealment, what are the types of intimacy and what are the possible barriers and developments (communication, time, awareness, stereotypes, knowledge and personal choices).
Throughout the process, and in collaboration with other artists, I aim to create a series of body and sound performances that will explore the relation between viewers and performers, seeking to investigate the proximity between what, on a first impression, are habitually considered “separated entities”.

residency for Mirko Guido at ROSAS studio Brussels

03.10.14 - 18.10.14

Brussels, Belgium

supported/organized by workspacebrussels