residency Tian Rotteveel in Zagreb

residency Tian Rotteveel in Zagreb

Tala Dance Center is offerring a residency in the frame of under the topic "AGRICULTURE".

The participation includes the availabilty of a studio to work on a concrete project proposal as well as the accreditation to all performances of Platforma.HR.

The residency is for an artist who is researching and working in dance, linking it with the fields of NATURE AND AGRICULTURE – making an environment where dance meets nature. When you think of agriculture as the cultivation of ANIMALSPLANTSFUNGI, and other life forms for FOODFIBERBIOFUEL,DRUGS and other products used to sustain and enhance human life, what could be connections between dance /movement and agriculture / nature? 

Artist can be already busy with the topic, but it can also be a new (ad)venture of him or her. Dependent on the project plan of the artist there is a possibility to stay or work at a farm or other agricultural organization. Within Platform.HR, the dance- and performance festival of TALA an outcome of the residency will be publicly presented. This can be a lecture, exhibition, dance etc.

The Wild Card exchange partner Uferstudios selected Tian Rotteveel for this residency. Application deadline was 13 September 2013.

Experience Report Tian Rotteveel

The wildcard experience in Zagreb May 2014 have been quite on the spot, which provided to me the key elements to discover in my work. Which I premiered later in on TanzNacht Berlin 2014 called “Heartcore”. The residence being in composition with a Festival did fine things.

The exchange with the participants and their work and the visitors of the festival created a healthy context to the residence. I could freely work on the artistic agenda I created for the residence and yet be fully confused in a proper way being in the realms of Zagreb.

Different aiming less walks into the edges of the city exploring its facets of artificial and natural elements gave its original concept form.

13.04.14 - 30.04.14

Zagreb / Croatia

supported/organized by Tala Dance Center