"SAUNA" by Malika Fankha

"SAUNA" by Malika Fankha

“SAUNA” is a meta-fictional reflection about identity, cohabitation and  survival stragegies. Told from the perspective of an unborn child inside a  womb it questions the reliability of narration, juggles with knowledge and facts that are largely obscure and thus suggests a new metaphorical Virtual Reality. The obsessive personality of the prenatal storyteller is driven by an unconditional claim for self-determination  while at the same time being  tied to this other body via the umbilical cord, a symbol of pure dependence and connection. Contemplating dystopian future scenarios, witnessing the trivia of everyday conversations or indulging in excentric navel-gazing, the tale evolves around the contradictions and promiscuity that shape our lifestyle: the either radically intimate or radically superficial.



Artistic Direction/Performance: Malika Fankha
Artistic Assistance: Maureen Kaegi
Sound: Dark Euphoria feat. Alexander Kasses
Stage: Noushin Redjaian & Jakob Neulinger
Costume: Goran Bugaric
Hair & Makeup: Cosmo Cleverson
Production Support: Superamas, Huggy Bears
Co-production: WUK performingarts, Malika Fankha
Photo: Maria Ritsch


Residency Partners: ImPulsTanz Festival, Cullberg Ballet Stockholm (SE), Life Long Burning, CAMPO Ghent (BE), Dampfzentrale Bern (CH).

12.01.18 - 13.01.18

WUK, Vienna (AT)

supported/organized by Cullberg Ballet