SuSy – Adaline Anobile

SuSy – Adaline Anobile

The CCN Montpellier decided to involve the ex.e.rce master program workshop participant Adaline Nobile in the administrative work as well and allocated her with a special function: she is the link between the direction and administration of staff of the master program and its students, she is further invited to work with the students on their personal projects. During the further internship she will observe both artistic and administrative aspects of this study program: coordination of the work-in-progress presentation and specific work on the students projects (artistic, technic, communication et al.)

 Adaline Anobile is also developing her own project and can use this training for doing so. The CCN Montpellier designed this SuSy program together with the artist in order to have a really global vision of the organisation and work.

15.09.14 - 17.06.15

Montpellier, France

supported/organized by CCN Montpellier