SuSy – Adina Alexandru in Montpellier

SuSy – Adina Alexandru in Montpellier

Adina Alexandru – Internship at the Exerce Master department

From January, the 16th to June, the 02d, 2017

She was then hired from September, the 25th to December, 22d, 2017


Report :

« In the frame of the MA Exerce and the ICI-CCN, I was offered the possibility to carry out a 5 month internship and 3 month contract within the administration office. According to the administrative activity of the office and the projects in progress of the MA, the missions I was assigned turned between the preparation of the following selection process of the 2017/2019 MA students and the organisation and logistics of the activity of the present exerce groups.

Therefore, I took part in the follow up of the application process for the next MA group, file process of the applicants, and update of the current data base; logistic and budget follow up of the auditions, administrative support to foreign candidats invited to Montpellier for the audition; administrative organisation and actions of the current MA program, planning, schedule, budget, partnerships, etc

In the beginning of the internship the main mission was to take in charge the application process and to organize the coming auditions for the 2017/2019 MA exerce group. This implies to follow up and index the applications, provide information about the exerce program to the candidats and accompany the procedures in order for them to take part in the audition, especially for the foreign candidats: VISA, transport, accomodation, etc. At the same time I was in charge of updating the public relations database of the MA for the mailing procedure of the exerce program application offer to art and culture institutions.

Within the organisation activity of the exerce program , part of my missions were to take in charge the artists and lecturers invited to work with the exerce students: transport, accomodation, road maps, students schedule, studios planning.

Exerce students participate during the program to different exchanges, workshops outside the ICI-CCN, artistic events or residencies such as ESBAMA, Carre d'Art Nimes, ZAT Montpellier , CDN Pantin, CDC Uzes, Atteline, etc. During my internship I took part in the budget elaboration and follow up of these external works, logistic and organisational tasks, contracts and partnerships.

One of the main missions of the internship consists in taking part of the preapration for the final presentation of the M1 and M2 students, which take place in may in june. Besides the logistics, budget, rehearsal, the intern must constantly be receptive to all kind of demands from the students in order to offer them the best conditions to create their work.

From september to december the activity carried out along with the new group of students from different countries, which required close follow-up of the administrative procedures for each student. New partnerships with Espace Darja in Casablanca and Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers in Paris were organised for the 2nd yeard students. In the same time, the following selection procedure is to be prepared.

At the end of the year, an annual report of the exerce activity in 2017 was elaborated and brought out the evolution of the program during the past 3 years. As part of the internship, this consists in retracing and report in numbers all the activity of the program throught the year. This annual report is meaningfull as it gives a global view of the activity, within each group of students.

Also it emphasizes the role of the intern throughout the year.

This internship provides a real and complete approach of the organisation of an academic program intended for students to elaborate their artistic projects. It gives an accurate insight of the running of an artistic MA, created within the coherence of the contemporary dance landscape.

Therefore, an adequate follow-up of each project is established with the pedagogical team as well as the administration office. Various missions are structured in order to aquire and apply different administration tasks but also keep a close relation with the artistic aspect of the program. The internship provides strong practical skills as well as a full insight of an artistic academic program within an art institution and a deep reflection of the contemporary danse. »

16.01.17 - 02.06.17

Montpellier (FR)

supported/organized by CCN Montpellier