SuSy – Andrea Hršak in Zagreb

SuSy – Andrea Hršak in Zagreb

Dance Centre TALA realized SUSY Programme in the period from 01th October, 2017 to 30th June, 2018. The program supports education and development of young professionals and administrators in culture.

SUSY program 2017/2018 created in Tala DC office new, fresh and expanding energy. Andrea Hršak was a great help, but also creator of different program lines. She had opportunity to develop and realize some of programs alone, and learn about system in teamwork as well. 

The skills, learned and adopted during the SUSY internships, can later be applied in an international context, and this form of practical training has proved to be very effective in the development of cultural workers involved in the program. It was a big success of SuSy program and showed big need for similar programs to go on.

01.10.17 - 30.06.18

Zagreb (HR)

supported/organized by Tala Dance Center