SuSy – Anne Passow in Berlin

SuSy – Anne Passow in Berlin

Excerpts of the report by Anne Passow

Between December 2016 and Mai 2017 I was working at Uferstudios Berlin in the frame of SuSy – Support System #5/ Module of the Network.

During this period I gained insight into the structure of the LLB Network and also had the chance to get to know more about single modules by supporting them in different ways:

Right at the beginning of my working period the Life Long Burning partner meeting took place over two days at Uferstudios which I joined and was responsible to minute.

In the frame of the module Critical Practice I edited the brochure before it was published by the team of International Notice.


In the frame of the module Wild Card I supported Inge Koks coordinating the international scholarship holder and introducing them to activities and structures of the Berlin dance and performing arts scene. Reverting to my experience in culture-political advocacy of the dance and performing arts scene I informed and got into an exchange with the Wild Card scholars on the current main cultural political subjects and on the last achievements for the Berlin (dance and performing) arts scene.

Teach Back: When in January 2017, for the third time, feedback formats were offered to the Tanztage Berlin public under the Label “Let’s talk about dance – Feedback Lab goes public”, I was documenting them (text and photographs). Inge Koks and Sonja Augart tried out four different post show discussions varying in their level of moderation (lightly to strictly moderated) that were accompanied and feedbacked by Ana Vujanovic.

I was involved with the call for proposals for Uferstudios “Month of Research” and the translation of the incoming proposals. The “Month of Research” was an offer of the Uferstudios to the artists to proceed a collective research on subjects chosen by the artists themselves for one month free of charge.

From mid of March onwards, I focussed on Uferstudios’ program series “AUSUFERN”. This included supporting the program director Eva-Maria Hoerster developing and setting up the second New Patrons-format as well as taking over – preparing and starting – the press work and public relations for “AUSUFERN 2017” that took place from June until October 2017.


What have I learned from the internship?

I am grateful to have had the opportunity of getting a deeper insight and understanding of the structures, funding conditions and ways of cooperation between the different European partners of the artistic network Life Long Burning.

During the promotion of the program series “AUSUFERN” that aims to address and involve the intercultural Wedding neighbourhood and generally the urban society in Berlin, I learned dealing with the challenge to invite and raise the interest of a very diverse neighbourhood that not primarily goes to see shows at the Uferstudios.

01.12.16 - 30.05.16

Berlin (DE)

supported/organized by Uferstudios