SuSy – Barbara Losoncz in Budapest

SuSy – Barbara Losoncz in Budapest

As SuSy intern, Barbara Losoncz joined to the Foundation in 13th of March 2018 and helped and worked with us for a whole year. Her main research topic was on the relation of performing art and digital technologies, in terms of esthetic forms, financial possibilities and social context.

AAmong others she was the responsible assistant person for Valencia James’ AI_am research project in the frame of PSR programme. After that she helped in preparation of the ‘Crisis? What Crisis?! Symposium in the framework of Dance Radar programme in Vienna.


Following her internship activity, Barbara Losoncz worked for the Foundation as a freelancer program coordinator. Moreover she was our first intern, who had the opportunity to take part in internship abroad: in August 2017 she spend 10 days at our network partner, danceWEB. Barbara participated in organizing press conference and PSR workshop (Imaginary Performance House -


Report by Barbara Losoncz

In the frame of Life Long Burning, I had the opportunity to participate in the SuSySupport System program within Workshop Foundation based in Budapest, Hungary between March 2017 and March 2018. This research scholarship has given me not only comprehensive insight and solid background in the field of cultural administration, but valuable and rich professional experiences which I would like to depict in detail in the present report.

Workshop Foundation has been contributing to the independent contemporary dance scene through its extended programs, infrastructure and mobility grant opportunities on a national and international level over the last 25 years. My job involved assisting to its diversified activities which can be divided in two groups: everyday operational tasks and international cooperations. Besides the acquisition of the best practices of cultural administration, the internship allowed me to deepen my knowledge in my research topic which focuses on experimental and innovative dance perfomances which use digital/ new technologies in their productions.

Research focus

My professional interest focuses on the relation of performing art and digital technologies, in terms of esthetic forms, financial possibilities and social context. I was fortunate to contribute as a cultural administration intern to the dance research project entitled AI_am_here (SE, HU). The research project led by Valencia James, Barbadian freelance perfomer, choreographer has started in 2013 (also with the support of Workshop Foundation through its residency program entitled Research into the Unknown). The project explores the interaction between human and artificial intelligence, in particular, computational creativity and improvisation.

Besides the questions that the project raises in societal, moral and artistic terms, it was very interesting to me to attain a deeper knowledge how an international and interdisciplinary team and co-production works. With the aid of Workshop Foundation, the project received co-production support in the frame of LLB and fund issued from the National Cultural Fund for creating new dance production. The project was realized between March 2017 and October 2017 involving three intensive rehearsal periods (in March, in July and in September) as well as the premier in Trafó House of Contemporary Arts on the 10th October 2017. I was responsible to organize the studio times, accomplishing administrative tasks such as editing contracts, maintaining invoices as well as assisting to solve production related problems.

Operational tasks

In addition to the main research topic, I was realizing everyday operational tasks which are indispensable for the general function of the foundation. These tasks include studio management (organizing booking times), maintaining the email system, regular liaison with dance teachers, permanent update the schedules of dance classes. I fulfilled communication related tasks as well which involve managing all social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, promoting events and dance classes, preparing offline promotion materials.

International cooperations

During my internship, Workshop Foundation offered me the opportunity to participate in international conferences and events. I had the chance to work a week at danceWEB during ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival (including LLB Symposium “Crisis? What Crisis?!”) in August 2017 and to take part in the Nomad Dance Advocates in Belgrade in October 2017. These professional experiences have largely widen my horizon in terms of international cooperations, European cultural policies and networks.

            As I mentioned before, Workshop Foundation has a strong partnership not only with European institutes, but it has a long history of accomplished and fruitful projects with US organisations as well. I have gained valuable professional experience as a program coordinator by assisting in preparation and organisation of two residency exchanges: a residency in Budapest with Philadelphia Dance Projects in October 2017 and a residency between Movement Research (NYC) and Workshop Foundation in January 2018 in New York.

In summary, the internship has provided me highly valuable professional experiences which I can benefit in my future career. I am very pleased and grateful to have had this opportunity which has given me indispensable skills and knowledge as well as precious professional network on a national and international level.

13.03.17 - 13.03.18

Budapest (HU)

supported/organized by Workshop Foundation