SuSy exchange - David Eckelmann in Vienna

SuSy exchange - David Eckelmann in Vienna

In exchange with the network partner Uferstudios Berlin, danceWEB welcomed their trainee David Eckelmann as SuSy from July 16 to August 20, 2014. 

During this period, David was accommodated together with the danceWEB Scholarship holders 2014 which resulted in a strong connection to some participants of danceWEB 2014. One of the various tasks he was assigned to during the 5 weeks was the technical assistance in the danceWEB Salons. These group gatherings happened in the Viennese theatre Garage X and were used for showing each other work. David was responsible for the technical rider and the technical set up before and for technical assistance during these evenings. This was a very valuable to the danceWEB team and helped saving enormous time and men power for these group gatherings. Further, he assisted in the preparations for the Prix Jardin d’Europe 2014 where the team could benefit once again from his technical as well as graphic design skills. This SuSy internship was very beneficial for both sides and danceWEB is looking forward to further collaborations with David Eckelmann in the future!

16.07.14 - 20.08.14

Vienna / Austria

supported/organized by Danceweb