SuSy exchange Petra Pecarevic (HR) at Uferstudios Berlin

SuSy exchange Petra Pecarevic (HR) at Uferstudios Berlin

SuSy exchange program between Uferstudios and Tala Dance Center

Tala Dance Center sent its trainee Petra Pecarevic (HR) to Uferstudios in Berlin for a 3 weeks administrative training program during which she got insight into the working procedures of the production house.


Experience report
SuSy residence
Resident: Petra Pecarevic Dolezil, TALA

The three-week residence at Ufer_Studios was an exceptional and valuable experience for me.

The time spend there and the interaction with the team who are the heartbeat of the complex has left a very positive experience as it introduced me to the all the background processes for the successful operating of such a venue.

I was introduced to the funding, planning and building history of the complex, and to all administration that was needed to get there.

I was placed in the main office were I helped with day-to day operations and business. This was particularly useful as it gave me a benchmark for TALA’s organization and processes, and inspired me to rethink our business model.

On day I week I spent in the mediatec (library). The collection of books and other media was impressive. It was also interesting to see how much the students use the mediatec for their activities and inspiration.

Overall, the time spent at Ufer_Studios, one of Europ’s flagship studios was very inspiring and productive.

I had hands-on experience and gained valuable insights into the infrastructure, organization, processes and interactions that are the backbone of Ufer_Studios. 

During my stay I also had the opportunity to see and experience works of the HZT students and get to know the independent Berlin scene, and life in Berlin in general.

It was inspiring to see that Ufer_Studios is really a ‘jump start’ for HTZ students as it offered them education and performance facilities all in the same space, both of which are important for future recognition and success.

Also, it ws an opportunity to test my German skills and inspired me to take some additional classes and start to use the language more actively.

18.11.13 - 08.12.13

Berlin / Germany

supported/organized by Uferstudios