SuSy – Lucille Béland in Montpellier

SuSy – Lucille Béland in Montpellier

Internship at the Exerce Master department


“This internship within the exerce formation in ICI-CCN Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier included various times-frames and aspects that allowed me to experiment different sides of the artistic accompaniment. On one hand, the week I arrived was the formation’s audition week. My task was to help with the event logistic and it was a great opportunity to become more familiar with the program, its expectation, problematic and functioning.

After this introduction to exerce, my tasks were shared between a pedagogical and an artistic support. The first one allowed me to discover an artistic training institution through its concrete organization. I was in contact with the program guests in order to prepare roadmaps, schedules, studio occupation etc… Furthermore, I could witness the formation development, questions and debates that led to the creation of the program. It was very interesting to see the negotiations and modifications to adapt the exerce formation and address issues. I think that those methods and discussions can be useful in my future jobs alongside artists in companies or theatres.

The artistic accompaniment was a large part of my missions in this internship. During public performances or residencies in collaboration with partners, I supported the students with their budgets, contracts, communication, technical needs etc…  This aspect of my job was very instructive because I was in contact with various interlocutors: technicians, administrators, artists… and I had to be a link, a relay between them. I understand now better the way I can adapt myself to support artistic projects while combining each other’s needs and constraints.

To conclude, my internship within the exerce formation was very complete. On one side, I learned a lot about the functioning of the choreographic field through my relations with the whole ICI-CCN team and its partners. I could grasp the stakes regarding production, diffusion, artistic and administrative work through various tasks but also trough conversations with colleagues. Finally, I fed of my relation with the exerce students. As I had to help them with sometimes very personal matters as social aids, scholarship, accommodation, health insurance or job research, we had a privilege relationship. Therefore, I could really understand their concerns and speak freely about their expectations or needs. For those reasons I am very satisfied with this internship in ICI-CCN and look forwards to use those new skills in my future projects.”

Lucille Béland is engaged for a three months contract in the Exerce Master department from end of September, 2018 to January, 2019, specificly on the organization of Master EXERCE audition on January, 2019.

15.01.18 - 02.06.18

Montpellier (FR)

supported/organized by CCN Montpellier