SuSy – Magda Lakel in Montpellier

SuSy – Magda Lakel in Montpellier

Magda Lakel was chosen for an internship at the ex.e.r.ce – master degree department of the CCN Montpellier from March 2 to June 14, 2016. Her main assignment was organising the auditions to gain admission to the ex.e.r.ce master program. The assignments as part of this training course were fully achieved by Magda, who was quick to respond to emergency situations from the start. Indeed she was soon familiar with the various tools used to follow up on the call for applications: updating the database, processing and filing applications submitted on the website, answering and sending information to applicants in both French and English.

Subsequently she helped to organise the administrative and logistical aspects of the audition, which took place from April 6 to 8, 2016 in Montpellier with approximately 20 short-listed applicants; She drew up a forward budget and contacted all artists who had been invited to the audition to organise their visit, putting them in touch with ICI-CCN Administrative Department regarding salaries, train tickets, schedules, etc.; She was always available and patient with the applicants, reassuring them through the many administrative procedures they had to go through (obtaining a visa, preparing a file for the partner university, getting information on how the audition will be conducted, etc.).; At the time of the auditions, she showed great interest in the workshops conducted by the artists and intended for the applicants, and was very efficient in handling arrivals.

The applicants thanked us and gave very positive feedback on such caring support as part of the auditions.

Her secondary assignment was the administration and logistics of the master’s programme.

Concurrently with and following the auditions, Magda was kept quite busy with the organisation of the master’s programme (“Master 1”) currently followed by ten international students. She was partly in charge of organising the administrative and logistical aspects of the programme: contacting instructors to organise their arrival and preparing schedules, which turned out to be accurate and thorough; Magda subsequently contributed to coordinate the public event called “Publications” which took place on May 23, 24 and 26, 2016 in the ICI-CCN (presentation of stage projects by students). She proved very efficient in promoting the event and welcoming the public according to the various departments involved; Finally, the last assignments part of her training course mainly revolved around travel arrangements. Her work until then involved organising the arrivals of artists, applicants and instructors. What she had to implement then were activities outside of Montpellier. Her help was most valuable, particularly when organising collective transportation during a week for 10 students and three instructors in Lamelouze in the Gard department from June 6 to 10, 2016.

            This year’s students thanked her warmly for her support. Magda fitted easily in the group, being available and patient when requested to help the students in their administrative procedures, curious and enthusiastic as regards their artistic work.

Her adjustment to the team was achieved more gradually since we are an independent department within ICI-CCN. However she showed great interest in the development of the various Departments.

            Concurrently with her assignments, Magda was regularly asked to attend meetings of the department and the CCN and meetings with the partners so that she can witness the creation of an artistic training project and how it relates to a territory and working environment.

02.03.16 - 14.06.16

Montpellier (FR)

supported/organized by CCN Montpellier