SuSy – Mélina Ferrer in Montpellier

SuSy – Mélina Ferrer in Montpellier

Mélina Ferrer did her internship under Louise Vantalon in charge mediation and PR responsibility


Description of the internship:

During her intership Mélina Ferrer had to work on several projects, in order to explore both mediation and PR aspects of the work:

- "Discovery of contemporary dance to a mixed audience" workshop: logistics, reception and follow-up of the internship.

- In 2015, ICI-CCN opened a gallery, la chambre d’écho, in the CCN. This place was open in order to have a place to show visual arts projects but also to be an expirmentation place where the artists could explore or develop the link between visual arts and choreography. After 1 year and a half of opening, we decided to work on public questionnaire for the exhibition and projects shown.

- following and organization of spectator workshops and “atelier du regards” workshops

- Updating of the public file

- Achievement of roadmaps on mediation projects

16.01.17 - 31.03.17

Montpellier (FR)

supported/organized by CCN Montpellier